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What age did you start vacinating?

My DD is 4 months old and we are thinking about what and when to start. I would love to hear other mommy's thought process on the "when". 6, 12 and 24 months seem to be common. Personal pros and cons...? DD will be 6 months right at the beginning of flu season, not sure if that is a pro or con to starting then as far as taxing her immune system.

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We started when DD1 was about 3.5yo. The reason for starting then was that she was about to start kindy which was her first regular close exposure to larger groups of children. And also the first time one of us wouldn't be with her to deal with wounds as the happened.

I also feel (and I have no evidence to support this) that I would rather wait until those first couple of years of very rapid brain development are passed and her immune system is starting to mature.
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I am non-vax (just so you know my bias - but I have a lot of respect for sel/delayed) and I will say I do not quite get 6, 12 or even 24 months. i understand that every minute unprotected is a minute unprotected - but most diseases are rare according the the CDC Pink book and MMWR.

I would wait til post 3 and here is why:

1. brain development, as katelove suggested
2. The longer you wait, the more likely health issues that you need to know about prior to vaccination will present themsleves. Significant allergies, for example, are often not evident in a 6 month old, but might be in a 3 year old.
3. It would be nice if they could vocalise any reaction. I hallucinated after an MMR at 17. A baby could hallucinate and no one would ever know.
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We've only recently started and we're getting only a few vaccines (MMR, Tdap/dT, perhaps IPV/meningococcal). We decided to wait until they were going to be in school full-time and an age, as Kathy mentioned, where they can adequately describe any side-effects.

I'm trying to work within a window as well and get whatever vaccines we elect before puberty. I agree with Kate about the brain development and as authorities here go on all the time about the dangers of alcohol and the developing brain of teenagers (when apparently another period of maximal brain development takes place, second only to the early years, and how susceptible teen brains are to damage), I'm leery of doing too many vaccines during this time so I hope to be "caught up" to the proposed schedule we decided upon in consultation with our GP by the time the kids are 13.
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With ds I did selective delayed and didn't start vaxxing until he was over 24 months. I opted to do this to get him farther in the brain development as mentioned above and also so he could get less vax according to the CDC "catch up" schedule. We also did this from health scares. With my first I followed the pedi's advice and it wasn't until after her first year that I found this forum and the information on the vaccines to start researching myself. By the time I had ds I was still unsure if I should vax or how much or when. Just before his two month check up he got sick and I refused shots because we still weren't sure what he had/if he was over it. I opted to wait until at least 6 months then and yet he got the same mysterious illness just before his 6 month checkup. It was then that I decided for sure that we should wait longer before vaxing. I'm glad I did also as we had a recall of one of the vaccinations during those first 6 months (can't remember which now). A friend that had been skeptical of my not vaxing called me in hysterics because her son had a reaction to the vaccine they ended up recalling the batch of here. If I had taken ds in he'd have gotten the same vax in his already taxed little system.

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3. Plan was to be done with required school vaccines by K, but moved and more are required in new state. might just go with old plan and check titers and/or get a religious exemption
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Originally Posted by mamawanabe View Post
3. Plan was to be done with required school vaccines by K, but moved and more are required in new state. might just go with old plan and check titers and/or get a religious exemption
Hi Everyone,

Were you still able to visit your pediatrician while delaying vaccinations? How does that work?

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