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Deborah's Avatar Deborah 06:03 PM 09-01-2014
First, some helpful background on the concept of serotype replacement. These articles are old, but most of the links still work I believe.

There is a link at the end leading to part II and then you can go on to part III if you feel the need.

Deborah's Avatar Deborah 06:09 PM 09-01-2014
So, I'm just going to put up some of the science. Everyone can read it and come to their own conclusions. There are free medical dictionaries online if you need help deciphering some of the medical terminology.

...the emergence of replacement non-PCV7 serotypes, especially serotype 19A, has resulted in an increase in the incidence of serious and invasive infections.
Unlike many problems with vaccines, the difficulties with serotype replacement are acknowledged and discussed. They are never, as far as I can tell, treated as a valid reason to stop with the bacterial vaccines, however.
Deborah's Avatar Deborah 06:12 PM 09-01-2014
The incidence of IPD in Utah infants aged 1 to 90 days caused by PCV7 serotypes decreased after PCV7 introduction, but overall incidence was unchanged. In the post–vaccine introduction period, serotype 7F predominated in this age group and was associated with meningitis.

Deborah's Avatar Deborah 06:13 PM 09-01-2014
Although shift due to known serotypes was anticipated, shift by misidentified serotypes was unexpected. We describe the experience with newly recognized serotypes 6C and 6D, which were mistyped as serotypes 6A and 6B, respectively.

Deborah's Avatar Deborah 06:16 PM 09-01-2014
prosciencemum's Avatar prosciencemum 12:29 AM 09-03-2014
I'm curious why you posted this here. Is it especially relevant for delayed vaccines?
prosciencemum's Avatar prosciencemum 12:32 AM 09-03-2014
Nm - I see it was a direct request from another mom to keep this out of the debate thread.
Deborah's Avatar Deborah 12:16 PM 09-03-2014
Sorry for any misunderstanding. It was a request.
MommatoGray's Avatar MommatoGray 09:59 PM 09-03-2014
Thank you! I have a lot of reading to do you are awesome!

And thanks for keeping it out of the debate, I am tired of always wading through the arguing in order to get to the meat!
Deborah's Avatar Deborah 08:25 PM 09-04-2014
Thanks for the kind words.

If you want a lot of stuff to read...ask a librarian
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