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I would also like feed back on my dd's and their vaccines thus far. Do they need the boosters? We homeschool, if that makes a difference, but they are around kids who have been vaccined. This is a long list, I hope it makes sense:

Lael - almost 8 yr. old, she's had:

Polio 8/27/01, 10/25/01, 1/04/01 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo.)

Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
See above plus 9/10/02 (15 mo.)


HepB + Hib 8/27/01, 10/25/01, 6/20/02 (2mo, 4mo, 1yr.)

PCV (Pnenummecocal)
8/27/01, 10/25/, 1/04/02, 9/10/02 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo, 15mo)

Varicella (chicken pox) 6/20/02 (1yr)

Alyssa, 5 yrs old, also has milk, egg, peanut allergies
DTAP - 1/20/04, 3/9/04, 5/11/04, 4/19/05 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo, 1 yr.)

Polio - 1/20/04, 3/9/04, 5/11/04 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo)

Hib - 1/20/04, 3/9/04, 4/19/05 (2mo, 4mo, 17mo)

Hep B - 1/20/04, 3/9/04, 5/11/04 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo)

Pneumococcal - 1/20/04, 3/9/04, 8/17/04 (2mo, 4mo, 9mo)

Varicella - 4/19/05 (1yr)
(NOT sure about MMR as I think it was in an egg base, have to call doc)

Lauren 2 yrs.
HepB - 5/31/07, 7/31/07, 10/1/07 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo.)

Dtap - 5/31/07, 7/31/07, 10/1/07 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo)

Hib - 5/31/07, 7/31/07 (2mo, 4mo)

Pneumococcal - 5/31/07, 7/31/07, 10/1/07 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo)

Polio - 5/31/07, 7/31/07, 10/1/07 (2mo, 4mo, 6mo)

I'm really struggling with figuring out what, if anything, to do next.

Please, any advice would be great.

Jackie, wife to the Hubster, homeschooling mom to 4 girls: Lala (9) , Lissie (7) and Lauren (3) and our newest arrival Addie Jane born 10-1-10!
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*This is the Immunization Schedule of my son's ped, ds is 3 and completely unvax'ed at this time but i wanted to share this Schedule as i do feel its a mostly good one and do plan on having him vax'ed now that he is 3 and i feel lucky to have a ped who is willing to work with me and not just wanting to give him many shots at once! :

Immunization Schedule

No Daycare(they have a daycare one too)
No Daycare
2 monthsDtaP #1/HIB #1
4 monthsDTaP#2/ HIB #2
9 monthsIPV #1 / HBV #1
12 monthsIPV #2 / HBV #2
15 monthsIPV #3
18 months HBV #3/ Trihibit
24 monthsPrevnar #1
36 monthsVarivax #1
48 monthsDtaP #5/ Varivax #2
60 monthsMMR #2

*Up until this year they did not even offer the CP vaccine* They do not offer the Rotavirus vax or the new gardisil vax (sp?)

~Jaclyn~ Mama to Lucas Wyatt born 5-3-06
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Breastfed, healthy, stay-at-home first child:

DTap (Daptacel) - 5, 7, 9 months
HIB (ACTHib) - 15 months

2 years old -- Chickenpox, rubella, mumps exposures (one at a time!) if possible.

MMR/Chickenpox/Heb B - teenage years, as appropriate, after titers drawn.

Others, to be decided as travel and/or epidemics dictate.
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Our child is getting everything, but one at a time.

2mo. DTaP
2.5 mo. Hib
3 mo. Pc
3.5 mo. Rv
4mo. DTaP
4.5 mo. Hib
5 mo. Pc
5.5 mo. RV
6 mo. DTaP
6.5 mo. Hib
7 mo. Pc
7.5 mo. RV
8 mo. Hep B
8.5 mo. Hib
9 mo. Pc
9.5 mo. IPV
10 mo. Hep B
11 mo. Hep B
11.5 mo. IPV
12 mo. DTaP
12.5 mo. Hib
13 mo. Measles
13.5 mo. Hep B
14 mo. Hep A
14.5 mo. Mumps
15 mo. Varicella
15.5 mo. Rubella
20 mo. Hep A
48 mo. DTaP
48.5 mo. IPV
49 mo. Measles
49.5 mo. Mumps
50 mo. Varicella
50.5 mo. Rubella
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I do not think that giving a child a shot every other week for a grand total of 34 extremely traumatizing visits to the doctor's office is what ANYONE had in mind when they suggested delaying vaccines or changing the routine vaccine schedule.

I beg you mama to please reconsider for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

* Emotional distress at getting a shot nearly every other week from early infancy into toddlerhood

* Significantly increased exposure to metals, preservatives, and other toxic chemicals that are present in all vaccines. Every single shot - whether or not it has one innoculation or five - has largely the same number of these substances, and you are, by design, exposing your child to actually far MORE dangerous ingredients than you would if you stuck to the original vaccine schedule proposed by the CDC, much less if you used a more standard delayed or changed vax schedule many on this thread are doing.

* No "downtime" for the child's immune system to recover much less clear the toxins from the shots from the body... every other week the baby is being exposed to these shots and the body has no time to heal itself.

* Significantly increased exposure to illnesses in the doctor's office due to very high number of visits (taking an infant to a pediatrician every other week is a surefire way to get RSV, rotovirus, the flu, etc.)

* Costs. You must pay a copay every time you go to the doctor. Furthermore, often the stand-alone vaccines must be ordered at your own expense.

There are many others. But I hope this list (especially #s 1, 2, and 3) gives you enough reason to do the research and reconsider alternatives.
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- the shots don't have a lot of the same stuff in them. ACThib has significantly less/different ingredients than any of the DTaP brands, for example.

-what do you mean by her getting significantly more substances by her schedule when the only difference is a split MMR? it's live so none of the pieces have preservatives or aluminum in them, as a combo or separates. Where else is she supposedly picking up more substances? or do you mean by not doing large combination vaccines?

-I think the pain factor would make me reconsider the every 2 weeks thing like PP said. BUt I am not sure what evidence we have on this, I know most pain will change the way nerves react in the future, but is 'more pain all at once' or 'smaller amount of pain spread out' more preferable- I am not certain.


-Then you have to consider that there seems to be three priorities with a schedule like this:

--getting all the shots
--getting all the shots by a certain age
--not getting them all on the same day

To fulfill all three of these desires, I am not sure how to do it other than how you have but I see that you have a significant slow down after 15 months with a large gap between 15 and 48ish-- why not utilize that gap for spreading out some of the less necessary boosters. for example:

measles vaccine has been shown to be more effective is given after 15 months, so you could push that forward a few months and then use the space created by that to spread out a bit more. just an idea

"Parents are simply trustees; they do not own the bodies of their children"-Norm Cohen  Martial arts instructor intactlact.gifhomebirth.jpgnak.gif and mom to 4: DD1 (1/05) DS (7/06) DD2 (5/08) DD3 (2/11)
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I hadn't thought about the trauma of a shot every other week for nearly a year. I don't want her to get more than 1/2 shots in one day. DH is going to be the one to take her in for the shots--he's the SAHP. Honestly, I'd wait until after her second birthday to start, if I ever did, if it was up to me. I've got a week until her appointment and DH and I need to be in agreement before he takes her in for her well-baby--or she could end up with everything on the CDC schedule.

(Cost is no factor--we're military and it's free for us. I guess it is the inconvenience of driving her out to post every two weeks.). Going to bed. Be back later.

Ok. I'm back. I'm going to have to research this a little more, I guess. I'm scared to vax and scared not to. My son is autistic and although we know it is genetic, what if the genetic tendency was triggered by vax? I skipped the Hep B at the hospital (as well as the vitamin K and the eye goop. yes, I pitter around with labor until I get to the hospital, then the babies are born quickly. To me, I just feel safer because my family and I stand up for what we want and then we have the backup of the medical team. I actually stayed a bit longer than when we could have left only because I did not want to try to get out of there at 8 pm.--as it was, they started the release process at 8 am and we did not get out until noon.) at any rate, I skipped the Hep B vax and she is our most "awake" child, with big, bright eyes and grins, exploring her environment...

and the scarier thing--our elder daughter was vaxed on schedule. She's had no problems. Our son was vaxed on schedule until he was diagnosed. He's due his 4-6 year shots. I was always nervous about it, but stuffed it and held my babies down to get the shots.

ETA: She isn't in daycare, per se, but dad does take her to the play-care at the YMCA while he works out, and her brother is not potty trained completely, and is in a special-ed class with other kids that may or may not be potty-trained. Also, her sister is in school. Both the older kids bring stuff home. I'm trying to determine what is most important, vaccine-wise. Like I said, scared either way.
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Can you delay a lot longer and/or selectively vax? If my ds were autistic I think I'd be looking to really change it up and avoid any sources of toxins for a good long while for this baby, kwim?
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Well, after more research, I'm going to go ahead with the Pediarix shot. I want her vaccinated against pertussis and polio. DD will get that one only at 2, 6, 10, and 15months and I'll get her the Hib and Prevnar at 4, 8, and 12 months. I'm skipping the rotavirus because with access to clean water, it does not seem to be much to be concerned about. The post-one-year-old shots, I will revisit at that time, but am considering just not doing and having her titers checked in adolescence (MMR and Varicella) and do the Hep A only if there is some concern we may be going to a risky area.
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Originally Posted by meanttobeamom View Post

Here is Dr. Sears Selective Schedule:
2 months DTap, Rotavirus (My baby got these 2 this week.) No reaction!

3 months Pc, HIB (The ingredients and side effects of the HIB Vacc are among the safest of all the shots)

4 months DTaP, Rotavirus (My baby @ 5 months)

5 months Pc, HIB (My baby @ 6 months)

6 months DTap, Rotavirus (My baby @ 7 months)

7 months Pc, HIB (My baby @ 8 months)

15 months Pc, HIB

5 years Tetanus Booster

10 years Blood test for measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and Hep A immunity. Consider Vacc if not immune. Also consider 3 dose Polio series if travel out of counrty is a possibility. (AFRICA OR ASIA)

12 YEARS Hep B (3 doses)


Thank you so much for posting this!  My husband and I were just discussing how to delay vaccines once my little sweetie is born and what to get.  This gives me a basis to start from!


Megan B

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