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May 2007 > Surely this is it.... my very own labour thread.
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 02:05 AM 05-02-2007
Yesterday was my 39 week appointment with the MW and she came to do a home visit (2nd one, the last one done by the other MW a few weeks ago). We did all the usual checks and everything looked good. She did comment that my belly was measuring a little large (barely though, 40cm and I think she was measuring a little low on my pubic bone, so probably more like 39.5) and that it still hadn't dropped. We chatted about how I had been having BH but nothing that felt like it was doing much and that none of us figured that this baby was going to come in the next week, or maybe even two!

My MW don't do vaginal exams, though I probably would have declined anyways. DH checked for me the other day (Sat??) and said he could feel the cervix but it wasn't open. Last time he checked (weeks ago) he couldn't find it at all.

Today I woke up to blood tinged (brown) mucous after being up ALL night peeing every hour or so. I have been having contractions all day ranging from 5 min to 20 min apart but not going away. I just had a hot shower even (trying to clear my head because DH gave me his cold!! and while they are milder they are still there and I'm sure they'll be back as soon as I lay down.

My DH is at work, my mom is anxiously waiting for me to call her again, but is still on crutches so she isn't much help physically! and my MIL is still MIA up north and not going to be here before Saturday at the earliest. Ugh!

I haven't called the midwife yet... figured I'd wait until things looked like they were picking up or my water broke. They want me to call right away if my water breaks because at last check the baby's head was FAR from engaged, though I am pretty sure that today's contractions have helped him/her move down at least a little.

Any last minute advice?

Here's hoping for my and : to result in a : to my sweet on May 2/07 !!!

momtokay's Avatar momtokay 02:10 AM 05-02-2007
oh how exciting!! sending you easy, productive labor vibes. can't wait to see your birth announcement. from a june lurker.
crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree 02:27 AM 05-02-2007
a race to the finish line

I'll be thinking of you when my contractions pick up

you'll be holding the baby soon
Eaglevoice's Avatar Eaglevoice 02:31 AM 05-02-2007
My advice...go to sleep!!! I know, it's impossible, but you'll need all the energy you can muster. Hope this is it for you! Sending you lots of easy labor vibes
amyleigh33's Avatar amyleigh33 02:38 AM 05-02-2007
: woo hoo! how exciting! keep us posted.
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 05:58 AM 05-02-2007
Still contracting, some downright painful, others not so much. I decided to go to bed because they were 20 min apart but as soon as I lay down they went to 6-8 min apart. : So I got up and now they are spacing out again..... Maybe when DH comes home at 3am I'll be able to relax more and things will get going.
Oh, and more show, just a bit here and there, and no water breaking still.
Com'on baby, you may as well make your appearance now!!

Oh, and I'm hungry again, but not sure what to eat, when I ate dinner my blood sugar went up to 7.9 and took FOREVER to come back down (and I've been doing SO well with controlling my sugars with diet....) but all I want is sugary things. Maybe some yogurt....
roadfamily6now's Avatar roadfamily6now 07:22 AM 05-02-2007
soak in the tub!

GOod Luck!
Slingin'Momto4's Avatar Slingin'Momto4 09:01 AM 05-02-2007
WOOHOO!!!!! ELV coming your way Can't wait to hear an update!
JanB's Avatar JanB 12:10 PM 05-02-2007
Labor will make your blood sugar go haywire for sure. I think yogurt is a great idea!

I don't know if this will help, but with my daughter, I had those random 10-20 minute apart contractions for a full 36 hours before active labor started. Hopefully yours goes a little quicker! I'm rooting for you! Happy labor vibes!
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 12:56 PM 05-02-2007
Still at 4 min between contractions and lasting 1 min or a little less. I hope SOMETHING is happening. They feel pretty intense, but I tried to see what I could feel and I still can't reach my own cervix so I have no idea. I did call the midwife at 2am when we jumped from 8min to 5 min and she asked if I wanted her to come yet and I told her no.

DH and I just went for a walk, one block took us 30+ min and I had 6-8 contractions along the way, two of which I had to stop for. Not quite knee-buckling, but pretty close. I did feel the baby shift and drop and a shoulder is turned out at my left hip now. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree 01:10 PM 05-02-2007
oh I'm so jealous sounds like pretty good labor to me
aran's Avatar aran 01:27 PM 05-02-2007
I love these real-time labor posts... keep 'em coming!

Sending you good labor vibes... I hope it goes quickly and babe is in arms soon!

Here are those vibes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
laneysprout's Avatar laneysprout 01:27 PM 05-02-2007

Aliviasmom's Avatar Aliviasmom 01:42 PM 05-02-2007
OOOOOO! How exciting! I hope things continue to go well for you!
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 02:35 PM 05-02-2007
I'm sleeeeeeeepy. I just napped for an hour almost... through the same contractions, well, a little slower, and a little less painful. Then the phone rang : the midwives have changed thier on-call person and she was calling to see what was up.
Back to bed for me, if I can get a few hours of sleep that might be a good thing.
dancebaraka's Avatar dancebaraka 02:37 PM 05-02-2007
Sending restful, easy vibes... and hope your birth journey continues so beautifully!
koru's Avatar koru 02:57 PM 05-02-2007
[QUOTE=aran;8012459]I love these real-time labor posts... keep 'em coming!

me, too! this is exciting!!! haven't heard from you in a while so maybe something significant is happening.....:
MoonStarFalling's Avatar MoonStarFalling 03:25 PM 05-02-2007
Cool! Easy labor vibes!
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 04:01 PM 05-02-2007
Still here... a little more rested after a nap. Contractions are STILL 4-5 min apart but only 30-45 seconds long. DH is addicted to the re-runs of 24 so I'm going to wake him up for that and then get him to scrub up and check to see if my cervix is doing anything through all of this!
BirthInStyle's Avatar BirthInStyle 04:28 PM 05-02-2007
How exciting! Do you have any bloody show? It sounds like walking moved things along some this morning. I would keep walking now that you are somewhat rested. Have a wonderful and blessed birth!
Lact-o-Mama's Avatar Lact-o-Mama 04:37 PM 05-02-2007
Correct me if I'm wrong but and type/color of "show" is indicative of an active cervix. So, *something* is definately happenin' down below


I had colds during every one of my births : , maybe our immune systems go down just before labour an make us more susceptible?...

Looking forward to your updates

tofutti's Avatar tofutti 05:44 PM 05-02-2007
thinking of you......!!! excitement!!!!!!

kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 07:43 PM 05-02-2007
meh, no progress... at least not in timing or length of contractions. DH has gone to pick up the skids from school, they'll be here for a few hours and I think my body is waiting until they are gone back to thier mom's.

DH checked to see what he could feel of my cervix and said it was different than it was, but couldn't find the "other side" so I have no idea how much real progress I'm making. He's stopping to pick up some Gravol on the advice of my MW so I might be able to get a bit of a nap in that isn't interrupted every 5 min by contractions. Waters are still intact and baby is still moving so I'm good to labour as long as it takes. Rotten kid is paying me back for my mom's labour with me, I just know it.
Kailey's mom's Avatar Kailey's mom 07:51 PM 05-02-2007
I'm so excited for you!!!!
Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 08:20 PM 05-02-2007
Yay!!! You're gonna have a baby! . . .duh. . . Yay!

Originally Posted by aran View Post
I love these real-time labor posts... keep 'em coming!

Sending you good labor vibes... I hope it goes quickly and babe is in arms soon!

Here are those vibes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Me too
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 08:55 PM 05-02-2007
Well, the MW came and went. Baby looks good... dropping but not engaged yet. Cervix is too far back to find the opening just yet, but things are moving along. She said take a nap and maybe my contractions will sort themselves out into a more regular pattern (instead of being anywhere from 2-9 min apart and varying in strength according to the length). Looks like this will be a May 3 baby, not a May 2 baby!
emiLy's Avatar emiLy 09:04 PM 05-02-2007
hang in there!
momtokay's Avatar momtokay 09:47 PM 05-02-2007
thinking of you!! hope you're holding your baby soon and that you get some good sleep in the meantime.
koru's Avatar koru 11:20 PM 05-02-2007
thinking of you, too!
kdtmom2be's Avatar kdtmom2be 01:51 AM 05-03-2007
Had some sleep, 10 min at a time, but better than nothing. Woke up to a HUGE glob of blood tinged mucous plug! Ewwwww! Things are still the same, though contractions are a bit more intense.

Maybe I should join the "I'm going to be pregnant forever" thread!
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