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mum4boys's Avatar mum4boys 09:44 AM 05-02-2007
Okay I have 20 minutes to kill before dh has to get up and we need to leave for back to the hospital. My child decided to scare me last night and go several hours without moving so we have already checked in and done the paperwork etc as well as had a non stress test. My c-section is scheduled at 8 am.

happyhippimama's Avatar happyhippimama 11:04 AM 05-02-2007
Wow. Good luck to you!
crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree 12:07 PM 05-02-2007
Good luck have a wonderful birth
JanB's Avatar JanB 12:08 PM 05-02-2007
Good luck, and I hope all goes well! Sounds like kind of a stressful night.
aran's Avatar aran 01:29 PM 05-02-2007
Good Luck!
laneysprout's Avatar laneysprout 01:32 PM 05-02-2007
good luck to you!
dancebaraka's Avatar dancebaraka 03:02 PM 05-02-2007
Good Luck Mama and Keep us Posted!!
Happy Birth Journey!
turnipmama's Avatar turnipmama 03:04 PM 05-02-2007
good luck momma!
MoonStarFalling's Avatar MoonStarFalling 03:05 PM 05-02-2007
Good luck! I hope it all went well!
BirthInStyle's Avatar BirthInStyle 04:35 PM 05-02-2007
Can't wait to hear the news. Hope everything went well, Mama!
koru's Avatar koru 04:48 PM 05-02-2007
Baby is in arms right now! i pray that all went well & look forward to an update....
darsmama's Avatar darsmama 07:48 PM 05-02-2007
Hope everything went well, update us when you can
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 11:30 PM 05-02-2007
I hope you are having/had a beautiful birth!
ewins24's Avatar ewins24 03:39 AM 05-03-2007
Another baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wiat to read your birth story!!

Many prayers that it went very well!!