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May 2007 > please tell me I'll get some more energy...
sarabrynn82's Avatar sarabrynn82 06:09 PM 05-02-2007
...before I go into labor!

I have been so tired lately, I even had my mw check my iron levels but they came back totally fine - my body is just exhausted from being practically 16 months pregnant. (Fun fact - yesterday my fh was 47!) And I'm so ready to get these babies here, but I keep imagining myself trying to handle labor the way that I've been feeling lately...

So someone please tell me that I'll get some supernatural burst of energy first!

Mindy70's Avatar Mindy70 06:50 PM 05-02-2007
I feel the same, just tired tired tired and fat fat fat all the time. I hope it picks up after baby so I actually have the energy to care for three kids :
dutchgal's Avatar dutchgal 06:56 PM 05-02-2007
I *just* got up after a 3 hour nap, can't seem to get anough sleep either! I am so low nerergy, I feel the same way... I wonder how on earth I will have the energy to birth this child. It's reassuring to know others feel the same way.
lirumlarum's Avatar lirumlarum 10:48 PM 05-02-2007
I'm in the same boat! I neverin my life had any trouble sleeping, now I am awake for a couple iof hours every night, totally draining. I had half of a bottle of beer last night since I figured it might help me relax and sleep and the baby is really just gaining weight right now, but I still had a rotten night. I am also on my feet all day, we have four kids already, one of them a special needs child and we have a dairy farm, so this sleep issue is really wearing me out. Anygood suggestions? Have other mommas here had trouble with insomnia? Is it just hormones? (Will it go away after the birth, please,please,please?)
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 11:24 PM 05-02-2007
I'm feeling completely exhausted lately too, and I'm scared that I'll go into labor exhausted and not have the energy to make it through. Some days I feel just as tired as I was after labor with DS, and I barely even do anything to get that tired. I'm gonna try drinking emergen-c and see if that helps. Maybe it is just our bodies telling us to slow it down and conserve energy for birth.
ewins24's Avatar ewins24 03:54 AM 05-03-2007
I too felt exactly the way you ladies are feeling before I gave birth. I hadn't slept well for weeks, I was in so much pain and I was BEYOND exhausted! However, when I went into labor I was just fine and I went to the hospital right after my slow leak at home at 10:45 and my dd was born the next day at 1:27pm. I did just fine during labor and you ladies will too. I don't know how our bodies do it but they are amazing and do what we need them to do for labor and birth.

And I've slept better since DD than I did the last 3 mths of pg and thats getting up every 2 hrs to nurse her.

It will get better Mama's hang in there you are almost done..
rachelmarie21480's Avatar rachelmarie21480 08:22 AM 05-03-2007
I know the tired feeling all too well!! I was tired beofre my ds came but nothing like this. I guess chasing after an 18 month old is more exhausting than I expected. Some nights I sleep wonderfully and others, like crap. I was up almost every hour to pee last night and worried that I wasn't feeling alot of movement. She moving now but I was so paranoid that I got out the stethoscope to check on her...
Mindy70's Avatar Mindy70 11:59 AM 05-03-2007
Just adding that with my cold, I feel completely drained, too, and even small tasks seem soooo hard, like basic childcare, clean up and meal prep. I don't know how I will function unless I get more energy, and I am really worried about it.