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Eaglevoice's Avatar Eaglevoice 03:08 PM 05-06-2007
So when I had dd, I never noticed my mucous plug. I probably just lost little bits of it over time and just never put two and two together. So I don't know what I'm looking for.

This morning when I wiped I had this long string of really thick, almost gelatinous, snotty mucous. Like nothing I've ever seen before. Could this be part of my mucous plug?

There wasn't any blood or anything in it, so I know it's not "bloody show" so even if it's part of my plug, it's nothing to really get excited about, right?

allnaturalmom's Avatar allnaturalmom 03:34 PM 05-06-2007

This exact same thing happened to me on Friday, 2 days ago. It happened 3 times... a few hours apart each time. I did get excited... I thought "something" must be happening down there.

But then, nothing since... no mucus, no blood, not even more intense BHs. :
Ianthe's Avatar Ianthe 03:59 PM 05-06-2007
I would think it's your plug, IMO.
Ilana's Avatar Ilana 04:21 PM 05-06-2007
It's part of your plug, anyways. But no, nothing to get excited about. With DD I lost nothing until I was actually getting pushy, then it all came out and was bloody, but with this pregnancy I've been losing chunks of mucous pretty much since I conceived. THey've just gotten bigger recently.

emiLy's Avatar emiLy 07:04 PM 05-06-2007
I haven't had chunks either time. First birth nothing came out at all, ever. My water broke minutes before Delia was born.

This time, my water broke/leaked in the morning and I had slimy clear goo coming out while I labored for several hours.

I've never seen any colored mucus or what would be described as a "plug" at all. Everyone is different it seems!

It definitely sounds like mucus plug to me!
momofelise's Avatar momofelise 08:00 PM 05-06-2007
With my dd, I lost my mucous plug, and there was blood. It was distinctive. I went into labor about 3-4 hours after that. But I agree that every woman's different. It may be that you're losing yours more slowly (but that could also mean that the mucous might be difficult to use as a prediction of imminent labor...!).