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Amy~Jo's Avatar Amy~Jo 02:31 AM 06-03-2007
We checked into the Hospital @ 3pm for the sceduled c-section to be done @ 5pm but there were so many women in labor they had bumped us but came and got us about 6:15pm and took me back and got me ready and gave Brett his scrubs to put on, we were both extremely nervous. I think from being so nervous kicked in my labor because all that day I was having strong contraction but there were so irregular, but anyways the c-section went well, Brett was there holding my hand he kept asking me if I was ok but I was feeling no pain he was so nervous his hand was shaking holding mine. Garrett joined us at 6:51pm he weighed 10lbs and he was 19 1/2 in long he is a chunky lil man! Well in the process of the c-section he had a bowel movement while still inside me and he inhaled that and fluid so he wasn't breathing when he was born they had to resesitate (spelling?) him and rush him to the NICU and put him on oxygen he couldn't breath to good on his own and his blood pressure was high. They had put him on 40% oxygen for the first 24 hours the Dr explained to us that our oxygen was to thin for him to breath as we breath in 21%, Thursday night he was down to 30% and his lung x-rays showed his lungs to be 60% free of fluid, Friday night they had Garrett on 25% oxygen and his lungs were free from fluid, This morning he was completely off the oxygen and breathing great on his own his blood pressure is stable and he is doing great ! I was released from the hospital today at 2pm I did not want to come home and leave my little guy up there but we had no choice the Dr said he wants to keep him on antibiotics for a full 7 days to make sure he doesn't develope phnemonia (spelling?) so of course what is best for our baby! Today I got to hold him for the first time and we got to feed him his first feeding they started him on 2oz he did so great he sucked it down quick then I got to burp him and he passed out like the formula made him drunk! The nurse had to swaddle him for us cause he still has all the IV's hooked up to him but when she put him in my arms it was the best feeling ever my entire body got warm and I just started balling I couldn't control it and then seeing me cry my husband started crying, I'm tearing up right now thinking about him! tomorrow is sibling day from 12-2 and 6-8 so we are taking the boys up there cause they havn't got to see their little brother yet! well it's getting late ans I'm tired and sore so I'm heading to bed Good night everyone! Sorry if I rambled but I'm a little light headed from my meds!

darsmama's Avatar darsmama 02:38 AM 06-03-2007
What a roller coaster!
He is very beautiful, & I am sorry he isnt home in your arms.
heres to garerett's speedy recovery!
koru's Avatar koru 10:37 AM 06-03-2007
what an adorable little chunker!!
christyc's Avatar christyc 12:11 PM 06-03-2007
QuiteLikeRain's Avatar QuiteLikeRain 03:38 PM 06-03-2007
Congrats & best wishes!
happyhippimama's Avatar happyhippimama 08:21 PM 06-03-2007
ex-stasis's Avatar ex-stasis 08:42 PM 06-03-2007
CONGRATS! I hope Garrett is home with his family soon!
kittn's Avatar kittn 11:13 PM 06-03-2007
congrats. hope little man is home soon
Amy~Jo's Avatar Amy~Jo 01:55 PM 06-04-2007
Thanks everyone! Garrett is doing great! We went to visit yesterday and took the boys because it was sibling day it was funny because Chris my 12 year old the whole time I was pregnant we would ask him if he was excited to get another brother and he would be like "ehhh just another brother" but when we got there he couldn't stop staring at him or keep his hands off him he would rub Garrett's little hand and his hair and sat there and talked to him for about 15 min he got embarrassed when we pointed that out he turned red it was cute now TJ my 5 year old he was the one that was so excited cause he was gonna be a big brother but he did not want to touch him he just looked at him I think it's because Garrett so little he's scared so he just stood back and looked but he did tell Garrett he loved him when it was time to go! We got to hold him and feed him again oh my I am so in love again, we are so ready for our little man to come home! Matt, James and Wes' mom is gonna wait till he comes home then let the boys come see their little brother so we are praying that the Dr releases him this week! well thats alittle update for now I'll let yall know when we find out more!