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Hello ladies. I'm glad to finally be here. After a couple of years of going against the grain on one of those other boards, I thought it about time I got my butt over here.

I'm Christine (nearly 31), married to Keith (34), mama to Ava Skye (17 months). We are expecting #2 around June 2, quite possibly late May given Ava's early arrival last time. We had a peaceful home hypno-waterbirth with a CPM last time and are planning exactly the same this time. I'm hoping to have Ava there as well. I'm also a doula and love helping moms achieve their dream births, no matter where they are. We eat organically, breastfeed (though this was a HUGE struggle last time and I'm a bit anxious about it for this one), cloth diaper, EC, bike, drive a hybrid, and love gardening. We'll be homeschooling when the kids are old enough too. Oh, and I'm a graduate student right now - just finishing up my PhD. With a HUGE miracle, I might finish about 2 weeks before this baby arrives, but I'm anticipating I'll have some things to complete over the summer and fall. No matter what though, I'll be done in '07! Thank gawd...its about time I got out of school.

Christine, mama to Ava (7.05), Alder (5.07), Sadie (2.09) and #4 due mid-July 2011! 
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Hello all

I am new here. I have typically posted at iparenting but the June board is very slow and I am very interested in having a homebirth.

We are due with #4 on June 16. My eldest daughter will turn 5 in May, I then have a almost 3 year old son (Feb '04) and year old + 1 day (Jan. 5/06) son - Kathleen, Andrew and Declan. This one wasn't exactly planned - always knew I wanted four but finding out you are pregnant one week after returning to work was a bit of a shock (well loved, just not well planned). I am 35 years old and dh is 50 so it isn't like we would have waited much longer regardless.

I went midwife with my last birth and absolutely loved the experience (but had the baby at the hospital - a grand total of 2 1/2 hour stay, awesome!) and so am truly hoping for a similar repeat experience.

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I"m Marcia, age 27. DH and I are expecting around June 25th, we have a housefull but cant wait to add more! We have DSS 14, DSD, 12, DS 9, DSD 8, DS 7, DSS 6, DD 6, DD13mo and D? in june!
I also found out I'm going to be a first time aunt finally!!!! My bro and sis in law are due in Sept!
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Hi all! My name is Wendy, I'm 39 and I am pregnant with baby #3 due June 1st. Baby is technically due the end of May but I'm finding that having a May baby doesn't appeal to us. Something is telling me June.

My DS are ages 7 and 3. Both are excited about the new bundle. I will be having another UP/UC. My last UC was a 26 hour labor, brow presentation, to a bounding 10lber. Can't wait to see what this one is going to bring. DS #1 was born in a birth center with CNMs. All 3 were surprises.

I look forward to getting to know you all and hearing about your birth journeys.
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Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to be here! We just had our u/s today and found out that it's a girl! And we were so sure we were expecting a boy. DH and I have been married for more than 10 years and this is our first, due June 26th. We're both delighted.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you during this second half of our pregnancies.
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Hi all!

I just discouvered this forum and decided that it would be nice to join. My name is Elsa and I'm due June 26th - first baby who incedentally is going to be a boy!

My partner and I are quite excited and so is the rest of our intentional community. It's the first baby born into our community so everyone is getting ready to make big changes.

I'm planning a homebirth and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well!
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welcome welcome!
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Hi, I am Stephanie.
I'm pregnant for the 5th time.
But I only have 2 living children.
My 1st child is 9, he was one of those uneventful perfect blissful pregnancies. I labored with him for 36+ hours, and ended up with a
c/s, because he was turned weird and was 10.6 lbs. He was born in Feb '98.
My 2nd pregnancy ended tragicly at 31 weeks with our daughter being
stillborn. She was born via CBAC at 3.15 pounds and perfect. Her cord twisted and cut off her life supply.That was March 2, 2000.
Secondary Infertility then depressed me for almost 4 1/2 years, I was also
diagnosed with PCOS.
Then got on Metformin, and got pregnant, only to miscarry December 21st, 2003 at 7 weeks. We named that one Baby Bean.
I stayed on the Met, and conceived again 4 months later with our miracle girl, who was born Dec 04, via scheduled c/s, and weighed in at 8.12 lbs!
And so then our family was complete and perfect and suddenly happiness and
joy replaced the depression from the losses......life was perfect!
We thought we were "done", and decided to enjoy our kids, and buy a home and settle in.
hee hee! I guess we celebrated our new home too much, for that 2nd month in our new home, I got pregnant again!
Of course, with the PCOS, etc, I assumed I was just having a weird cycle, and blamed ALL the symptoms on everything else, including SADD...ya know, that seasonal sun disorder....haha!
Well I finally tested on October 13th (friday the 13th) and it was POSITIVE!
We were shocked and elated!!!!!
Of course, I tested every day for the next week, and I now I have like 9 positive home pregnancy tests!!
So I'm due 6/6/07, and we are NOT finding out the sex!
I'll have a scheduled c/s, even tho I'd love to do a vbac, but the hospital won't allow me to, and I'm not willing to drive 2+ hours in labor to the next nearest hospital. sigh. oh well, an ALIVE and healthy baby is our goal.....

This will be our last child.
I do not think my body can go thru this again.
It's much harder this time, both since I'm older and more out of shape, and with chasing a 2 year old too!! lol~!
So, permanent birth control will be our next big decision!

I'm glad to be here!!
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I'm Nadia and my DH and I are both 25. We've been married for 5 years and have a 4yo dd and a 2 yo ds and I am due June 10th. I SAH with my kids and watch my cousin's dd during the week (this will end May 1 so I can get ready for this new babe!).

I found out the sex with my first two kids, but this one is going to be a surprise.

Baking mama to dd (7.5), ds (6), ds (3.5) and someone new in April
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Hi, My name is Amy (37), DH John (41). We've been married 3.5 yrs & our expecting our first child, Ian, in mid-June. We TTC for 2 yrs & eventually had to give into IVF. Luckily the 1st round workED (man, is IVF hell). I'm seeing a practice of midwives & will deliver in "their" hospital. The hospital has a birth center feel, including birthing tubs and generally progressive practices; there are actually more midwives practicing at the hopital than OBs. I put 100% trust into my midwives which is a relief. I plan on birthing naturally and using a doula. I also plan on breastfeeding & will use (mostly) cloth diapers.

Besides the million things I need to do before Ian arrives, I am diligently researching plastics and will try to avoid exposing Ian to , BPA, Phalates, PVC & other toxic substances. We've already removed as many toxins from our home (cleaning products, synthetic materials, etc) as possible & will keep improving. Although everything for Ian will not be organic, anything that Ian is exposed to for long periods of time or that touch his body will be non-toxic (latex mattress & all organic bedding is really important to me). I'm also getting tons of hand me down clothing but will be saying no thank you to all the PVC based plastic toys.

I've been battling terrible anemia to the point that my midwives are concerned. I take tons of iron (Floradix & another natural supplement) & try to combine it with the right things. I just went thru a battery of add'l tests for thalassemia & other blood disorders & I don't think they indicate anything. I just have really low hemoglobin & hematocrit. Luckily, Ian's weight is great & he seems to be right on target.

I love Mothering mag & look forward to meeting the rest of the Moms on here.


"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."- Albert Einstein

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Hey all, I'm Kit (23) and my husband Ian (25) and I are expecting our first in June. It's a girl, and her EDD is the 28th.

We are planning to have a homebirth with our midwives, and we are lucky to have two! The pregnancy has been fairly uneventful so far. I never got morning sickness aside from getting a little carsick a couple of times, and I've been okay through most of it. Lately I've been starting to get a little more uncomfortable as the weight I've gained in my belly is starting to weigh my back down.

We picked out a name already, she's going to be named Isabella. We're still thinking on a middle name, but as my husband is Norwegian, we will probably go with something of the sort for a middle name, as is his family tradition.

I can't wait for this baby girl to get here!

Also, I've been reading a TON lately, and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth is an AMAZING book.
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Hello! My name is Michelle (27) and my hubby is Ryan (29)
Our lil punkin is our first, and our "due date" is June 12th which happens to be my little sisters birthday! Almost everyone has told me that firsts are usually born at least a week after the "due date" My birthday is the 17th, my hubby is the 15th and our brother in law is on the 19th. What fun!!

We are currently enrolled in a Bradley method class (week 5) and it has been a VERY eye opening experience!!
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I have been lurking ( well and posting) but no intro since fall when we got pregnant. This is #2 for me, my son is 2 1/2. He was a planned homebirth with a transfer after 20+ hrs of labor and a c-section after a total of 39 hrs of labor. I am also a doula.

I am due June 1st so admittedly I bounce between May and June in wishful thinking!

It is funny, this time I have read nothing, no classes, nada. For me a big part of this pregnancy and birth is trying to turn it all off. Though I do enjoy wombatclay's presence as the resource directory!

Apprentice midwife, partner, mother to two boys 5 and 2 1/2 :::
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I don't know how I missed this thread!

I am Amy, 30, my dh is 32. We are expecting our 2nd child, it's a surprise what it'll be!

My son was born unneccesarily by csection, so this babe's being birthed at home.

We are expecting our babe some time in June

Mama to my spirited J, and L, my homebirth: baby especially DTaP, MMR (family vax injuries)
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Hi! I'm Elisabeth, 28, and expecting our first baby on June 8. (So, I'm 34 weeks today, yay!) I'm a copy editor, my husband is a proposal writer, and we live outside D.C.

So far pregnancy hasn't been too bad for me ... I'm crossing my fingers for a smooth ride to the finish line.
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Hi! Im Jennifer and we're expecting #3 sometime at the end of June or the beginning of July. (I didn't have a LMP because I was still nursing....DH and I know when we conceived~ putting my DD at June 20, BUT the first ultrasound put me due July 2....knowing my kids he'll show his face in early to mid July : ) We are planning a homebirth, which DOES NOT thrill my DH, BUT after my last birth, I get to choose Starting to bug out :
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I'm Allison turning 32 on 14th June, dh is 33.

My 8th child is due 15th June '07. We'll be having a homebirth. My other kids are 11y, 10y, 8y, 7y, 6y, 4y, and 3y.
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My name is Joanne and we are expecting our first June 17th.

We will be having our baby in a hospital BUT with a fabulous group of midwives that really work at keeping interventions low and letting us plan our birth the way we want. I am doing Hypnobabies! We also have a fabulous birth doula.

I am at 34 weeks right now. Excited and nervous!
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Is it too late to join?? It's almost June!! I somehow managed to miss the due date clubs?? Guess I've been too busy over in the Pet forum or something!!

Well, anyway, hello everyone!! I'm 29 and due June 26th with my first child (a boy!). We are planning to birth in a free-standing birth center (hopefully in water) with a great group of midwives.

The pregnancy was a surprise to my husband and I, but we're both thrilled and can't wait to meet the little dude!!

One little guy born 6/17/07 : :
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Why I didn't find y'all before now I don't know, but I'm grateful to have now.

I'm 41, expecting my first baby around June 12, DP is 56, and a first time dad! I love being pregnant (except, rarely, when I don't), and find it miraculous and beautiful. I am so sensitized, wouldn't have believed that possible with how sensitive I already was, but my intuitive capacities and my feeling self are sooo predominant now, it amazes me. I feel connected to everything, and notice that anything that is out of harmony with the rhythms and laws of nature registers as a disturbance in my body, heart, and psyche. This was true before before I became pregnant, but it is so much more powerful now, and has presented me with great blessings and challenge. On the one hand, I feel so plugged in to the miracle of Being, and my heart is opening more and more. I feel such grace, especially in nature. My favorite thing to do lately is sit outside on our little city balcony, and watch my peas and greens grow (in a pot, since our soil is contaminated with lead.) On the other hand, the imbalances that are the cultural norm : break my heart, and sometimes it feels so overwhelming.

We're planning a homebirth if all goes well, and have not sought out any medical care during the pregnancy besides basic bloodwork, though I am considering getting an ultrasound because of some recent concerns I have.

We live in Arlington, Massachusetts. Plan to exclusively breastfeed, co-sleep, cloth or g-diaper, yadayadayada, and open to what this baby has to teach us.
My partner and I are both yoga teachers; I have mostly stopped teaching, just down to 3 classes a week now.
I believe good nutrition is essential to wellbeing and happiness, and I believe truly good nutrition is a subtle art form that has as much to do with your emotional connection to your food and awareness of the world which feeds you and the health of our soils and our attitudes and gratitude as it has to do with what macro and micro nutrients you are consuming. It also has to do with the nutritive value of your mental and emotional diet, the health of your culture, etc...
Food policy fascinates, engages and upsets me. I eventually want to grow/raise much of our own food (but can't come close to that in our container garden! though you'd be amazed what you CAN do with a container garden).
Love to learn, dance, swim, hike, move, meander, and sing!
Here's my zaadz webpage:

Thanks everyone for being here!
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Welcome to the June DDC! I've already had my June baby - a total shock - but it's nice to see some new June babies coming along!

Shannon, mum to ds1 (8/03), ds2 (6/05), dd (5/07), and ds3 (7/09)
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Hi, I'm Holly. We're expecting our first in the middle of June - a little boy. A little background on us: I have PCOS and had a miscarriage last July. We conceived this baby on our first round of treatment which entailed Clomid, Follistim injections and IUI. In hindsight, we feel like we were rushed through the infertility wringer, but obviously we can't regret this miracle and are so grateful it worked the first try. We'll be more patient next time around, but frustration and loss makes you a little impulsive I guess!

Anyway, I have a master's in biology and teach a few courses at the community college. I also work as an actor in a program that uses theater to educate kids about bullying and healthy relationships - my BA is in theater!! So both my jobs are part time - I'm taking time off now and for the rest of the summer but will go back a little bit in the fall - an evening class and maybe 1 or 2 bullying shows a week - so I will basically be home full time with the baby.

Baby-wise, we are planning a home birth, BF, co-sleeping, not circing, cloth diapering, etc, etc, etc. I decided to finally join up on MDC because I've heard so much about it being a great resource - and I love the magazine - my sister got me a subscription for Christmas! So nice to meet you all and looking forward to getting to know you!
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Greetings, or I should say Grüße!

I'm Marijke (say: Mar-EYE-kuh), I'm 27 years old now, and am an American who expatriated to Germany in the end of January 2005. I've been married to my German husband, Rofu, since Feb 2006. We have one daughter who was born in March 1st, 2006; and we are now expecting our second surprise on June 15th. I'm a stay-at-home-mom who breastfeeds (well, did, until my daughter weaned herself at 9 months due to my second pregnancy).

Well, my husband expects our surprise to come on his birthday, May 29th; and I expect our surprise to come somewhere around June 20th (my daughter was 5 days "late").

My daughter was born via unwanted emergency caesarian section due to breech presentation ("Beckenendlage" - and it is not medically considered an automatic indicator for C/S in Germany, as some doctors and many midwives ARE trained to help a mother vaginally deliver a breech baby.. however, I was unfortunate enough to end up with a doctor and hospital that apparently does NOT like to have breech vaginal deliveries). I have been suffering from both PPD and PTSD, and it has been a huge struggle (I will say that I have been struggling along without medication or counseling, though many people online have advised me to look into counseling at least). I am extremely lucky to have a supportive husband who understands what a nightmare the whole thing, epidural, c-section and recovery was for me.

Anyway, onto happier news, I am trying for a VBAC in a birth center with this baby. My doctor and the midwives have all been very supportive. My doctor is certain I can do it - which I find unusual from a doctor. (VBAC's are, apparently, not uncommon here like they are getting to be in America.)

Hmm, not sure what else to add, honestly. I guess if anyone has any questions, they can send me a message.
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Hey there all! My name is Trinity, and I'm 28 years old, with a whole new life beginning just recently! I got married last summer, moved with my DH to Germany this past Feb. so he could get his PhD, and our first child is due June 23!!! It's been a pretty busy year! I am also fairly new to this board, having only recently learned about AP. It is exactly everything I planned on doing anyway, it is just so wonderful to know that I'm not alone. Because of my late arrival to Germany (not to mention snooty landlords) I was unable to get a midwife for a homebirth...however, the hospital I chose is similar to most US birthing centers, and it is the closest thing I could find. I plan on having a waterbirth with my DD, and I absolutely can't wait!!
That is about it for me, write if you have any questions. Good luck expectant mommies!!!

Mama to a wild girl and a chill lil' man , wife to a mad scientist , and resident of a country that I love to hate and hate to love.
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hi! i'm 28, and due 6/30/07 to have a big boy named jack. we couldn't be more excited. i am no longer working (yay!) and am waiting to start school in the fall to become an RN and possibly going on to become a midwife. i am really looking forward to cloth diapering and all of that crunchy stuff, so any info or help would be appreciated.
i'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hear your pregnancy and birth stories!
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Hi Mamas!

I haven't posted here in ages, and have finally found my way back.
After lurking about for a while today, it is great to see some old familiar faces, and lots of new ones of course!

I am the proud Mama to 3 little girls, ages 6, 4 & 2, birth Mother to a 22 year old somewhere out in the world, and I am currently a gestational surrogate, pregnant with twins for a wonderful couple.

I am almost 35 weeks, and starting to feel some angst about the upcoming birth. I am "officially due July 2nd, but likely won't make it out of June- so here I am!
My first 2 births were C-sections, the third a Midwife supported VBA2C's, and the fourth a HBA2C's.
The intended parents were not open at all to a homebirth this time, so a hospital birth it is.
I have done my preparations, I have a Doula, my Best friend will be attending as well, I have a super liberal supportive OB, I have been using Hypnobirthing again, I have been eating well and other than being terminally huge, I'm in great health.
I plan on laboring at home as long as sensible-my last birth was 2.5 hours, and live about 2 mins from the hospital. OH and both babies are vertex!!!

I am sort of talking this all out here, and really feel that I have done everything possible to best my odds at having an uncomplicated vaginal birth, I just have some anxiety and fears that are niggling at me about having to deliver in the OR as per hospital policy.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear any positive twin birth stories, or recommended readings and get my mind back on the right track.

(It feels good to be back! )
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