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mamatowill's Avatar mamatowill 09:01 AM 10-16-2006
I was at the hospital last night ladies due to unusual spotting. They did a pelvic exam and my cervix is closed, an ultrasoud picked up a heartbeat and my hcg levels are exactly where they need to be. The only problem is my progesterone levels- they are low. Iknow this can indicate a threatened miscarriage. Please send lots of sticky prayers and any support stories please. I don't want to hear any negative stories- have enough in my head already from my research. Thanks!

2crazykids's Avatar 2crazykids 09:04 AM 10-16-2006
I had tons of horrible bleeding at 11 weeks with my first and he was just fine. Turned out to be a cyst bursting on my ovary. It was scary, I'll tell you that but everything was just fine thank goodness!

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way Mama.
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 11:19 AM 10-16-2006
I'll keep you in my thoughts. I hope everything is ok
firemommaof1's Avatar firemommaof1 12:58 PM 10-16-2006

Wishing you a healthy little baby! Keep us poasted....
mommamin's Avatar mommamin 01:02 PM 10-16-2006

I hope everything is ok!!
StacieM's Avatar StacieM 02:53 PM 10-16-2006
Wishing you the best and only positive thinking. I hope everything works out fine.
lilgsmommy's Avatar lilgsmommy 04:35 PM 10-16-2006
Hope everything is okay mama! Please keep us updated and let us know how your doing. Take it easy and rest for a few days too!
nocalmama's Avatar nocalmama 08:49 PM 10-16-2006
Sending you very sticky vibes, mama. I'll keep you in my prayers.
turtle81's Avatar turtle81 09:19 PM 10-16-2006
Sticky, sticky thoughts to you.
BirthInStyle's Avatar BirthInStyle 12:24 AM 10-17-2006
Jumping over from May to send and prayers!
mamatowill's Avatar mamatowill 01:27 PM 10-17-2006
I went for an us today. They found out that I have a sub-chorionic bleed which is why I am spotting. They still consider the pregnancy viable. From my research the bleeding does not indicate the pregnancy is ending. The worrisome thing though is that the babies heartbeat is 80 bpm which considered weak. From my research this means that I am most likely going to miscarry because there is something wrong with the baby. Keep those sticky vibes coming ladies.
torio's Avatar torio 01:38 PM 10-17-2006
love and strength to you. know that you're in my thoughts.
StacieM's Avatar StacieM 02:21 PM 10-17-2006
More sticy vibes coming your way. I hope things work out fine.
rosie29's Avatar rosie29 03:30 PM 10-17-2006
Sending prayers and good thoughts your way...
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 03:32 PM 10-17-2006
sunshinesmommy's Avatar sunshinesmommy 03:36 PM 10-17-2006
Not in your DDC but sending you love and hugs
teniprice's Avatar teniprice 04:18 PM 10-17-2006
Praying for a successful and healthy pg. Keep us posted.
sally Z's Avatar sally Z 05:47 PM 10-17-2006
sending lots of sticky vibes your way, hope all turns out well
saratchka's Avatar saratchka 10:26 PM 10-18-2006
Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way!
basset's Avatar basset 10:53 PM 10-18-2006

mommamin's Avatar mommamin 11:25 PM 10-18-2006
More sticky vibes!
osburnsa's Avatar osburnsa 05:33 AM 10-23-2006
How are you doing? I had a sub-chorionic hemorrhage with my last pregnancy. I bled until the 12th week, but all turned out well in the end. That little bean is about to turn 1 and is currently snuggled up next to me attached to my breast. Don't give up hope!
mamatowill's Avatar mamatowill 07:55 PM 10-23-2006
Well I admit that I have been avoiding the board. Noone is concerned about the subchorionic bleed- it is the heartbeat that has everyone concerned. My dr says she thinks that we got the u/s too early and that the heart was just getting going. She told me that she had two other women with the same heartbeat at the same time in the last 6 months and they were fine. I am still hoping.

I am still scared that something is going to happen. My DH is in the Middle East and can't be here. I have a 2.5 year old who is not getting the attention he is used to. Also all of my supports have their own lives and can't always be there when I am : I am really nervous and I thought I could do it alone but now I don't know. I am just really scared that I am going to lose the baby. I still have pregnancy symptoms which I think is good. I am still bleeding but it is getting lighter brown in colour. I have pains every so often usually from gas or when I am thinking about it. Keep the sticky vibes coming- I am going for another u/s this week.

Sorry for the length- I just needed to get this off my chest since people in IRL don't want to hear it from me anymore. Thanks.
saratchka's Avatar saratchka 08:53 PM 10-23-2006
Sending more happy thoughts your way.
mataji4's Avatar mataji4 09:59 PM 10-23-2006
oh, sweetie, that's not too lengthy of a post! this is a perfect place to get out all the fears and worries as yes! our closest friends and husbands can only really hear so much...

hoping for the best for you!!!!
babycatcher01's Avatar babycatcher01 10:12 PM 10-23-2006
I had the same thing when I was 8 weeks, my bleed was just as big as the baby and sac, it never came out(the blood that it)it is still in there as far as I know, or my body absorbed it. All I have to say is Iam now going on 16 weeks and things are fine. I havent had another us, I saw my baby I knew there was one in there and I just keep thinking to myself even today my body knows what to do and my baby knows what to do. I know those thoughts are hard to put out of your mind, talk to you little one tell him to stick in there and surroung yourself with love.

Love, and prayers to you mama
springbabes's Avatar springbabes 11:44 PM 10-23-2006
Sending sticky vibes and happy thoughts your way. I'm sorry you're going through all this with your DH away. Sounds like a very scary time.
SongbirdSinging's Avatar SongbirdSinging 12:00 AM 10-24-2006
I'm sorry you feel so alone. <<<hugs>> We're thinking of you....
Canadianmommax3's Avatar Canadianmommax3 12:08 AM 10-24-2006

jennay's Avatar jennay 12:36 AM 10-24-2006
Thinking of you...
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