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I was hesitant to start a thread of this sort because of it's depressing nature but I can't find this info on the web and am really wondering. Maybe some others are too.

Alot of us pregos seem to spot or bleed here and there. And it may or may not be a cause for concern. But what is it like when you actually have a miscarriage? Maybe it will help us to differentiate between the two. Pain? cramping? no cramping? lots of blood? clots? how many days/weeks did it span? immediate loss of pregnancy symptoms? etc.

Also, anyone start to misscarry unknowingly and then start progesterone cream causing an incomplete miscarriage and need for d&c?
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My miscarriage last may started out as light bleeding in the 7th week and then progressed to worse and worse cramps with heavier and heavier bleeding until it all started to come out over the course of 3 days or so.
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I had a mc last March. Started with a few days of light spotting... looked brownish at first, like old blood, so I thought nothing of it. When I had my HCG levels checked, they were rising. A few days later, the bleeding increased and cramping came on with a vengeance. I passed lot of clots over several days, maybe bleeding for a total of 10 days.
I'm convinced I had a blighted ovum, which is where the fetus never actually starts to develop. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound and the clots weren't that severe. There was one that was about the size of a mouse, which I believe was the start of a placenta.

Sorry to get so graphic, but it helped me to read the details. I read a lot of posts on here... there's a mc group I believe.
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When I had my early m/c the bleeding started slowly then increased. I had killer cramping and passed several clots. It lasted for a lot longer than a period too.

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Spotting that turned into really heavy bleeding with clots. The cramps were very strong and lasted for about two, two and a half, days. The bleeding lasted about 10-12 days all told but was lighter after the first 7 or so.

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I had an early miscarriage but didn't bleed at all -- I didn't know I miscarried until my MW said my uterus wasn't as big as it should be. They did an U/S and found out the baby had died.

I did have symptoms, though -- I stopped "feeling" pregnant -- no nausea, no extreme tiredness, no smell sensitivity. Although I probably only caught on to these symptoms b/c it wasn't my first pregnancy, and I knew what to look for.
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I've had 2 early m/c's.

My first one was at 6w2d. It started with bleeding at 5w5d that wouldn't stop. It was bright red, and wasn't terribly heavy.....but it just wouldn't let up. Finally, at 6w2d, it all ended. I'd been continuing to temp (out of curiosity) and on this morning, my temp went below my coverline and I knew it was all over. I called in sick and lay on the couch all day with LOTS of bleeding and the worst cramps I've ever had (besides labor).

My other one was at 5w5d. I'd been having a some brownish spotting for a couple of days before, but didn't think much of it because there weren't any cramps. On the day it ended, I got some really horrible AF cramps (down low, central, and twisting) that wouldn't stop. Then, later that afternoon, I got a big gush of bleeding and that was it. I had a long AF-type bleed (for about a week and a half) after that.

When I get cramps now, I pay close attention to them. I do get some that are down low and central (cervix focused), but they're always fleeting - they only last a few minutes, and then either move somewhere else or stop altogether. Plus, they're never debilitating. The cramps I had during a m/c were horrible - doubled over, need a heating pad/ice pack sort of thing. VERY different to the normal, pg cramps.

Just for the record, the other m/c I've had was at 11w5d. The baby had died around 8-9 weeks and I didn't know it. We couldn't find the h/b, and I went in for an u/s. I had NO signs that there was something wrong - no cramps or bleeding. Even for a few days after we found out, there was nothing. In fact, I even continued to have mild pg signs - smell sensitivity, etc. My ms was never bad with that pg anyway, so the mildness of my post-m/c signs wasn't an alarm. I elected to have a d&c because we were going on vacation, and I didn't want to wake up one morning while we were away to a nasty surprise.

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I just had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. The first thing I noticed was that all my pregnancy symptoms went away from one weekend to the next. Sore breasts - gone. Constipation - gone. Bloating - gone. I thought it was weird, but didn't think anything of it at first...just thought I was lucky not to have morning sickness. Then I started to get some spotting...mostly dark red or brown which turned into heavy bright red bleeding. It was pretty much just like my period, but not quite as heavy just longer. No cramps though. Passed some clots. I did go see the dr and got my beta levels checked every 48 hours. They went from 370 (which is low for 6 weeks) to 138 to 31.
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When I had one at 7 week, I had light spotting for a few days, and then suddenly one afternoon labor-like severe cramping that got worse and worse until I started bleeding severely, and then passed the gestational sack. (It was empty, blighted ovum.) Then the bleeding stopped. A few days later, I had more cramping and out came the placenta. then just light bleeding. Sorry if TMI
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I had a m/c at 10 weeks in May. We visited our midwife, expecting to hear the heartbeat for the first time. When we couldn't find one we all just assumed the dates were off and we were too early. A couple of hours later I began to spot bright, red blood. No cramps yet, just light bleeding. My midwife suggested that the options were to take it easy and see what my body would do on its own, or to go to the hospital for an U/S, blood tests and possibly a D&C if they found out the pregnancy was not viable. I chose to wait and see. The bleeding continued on and off until early the next morning when I began to have contractions. Not cramps--these were intense, powerful contraction of all the muscles of my torso, timed a few minutes apart and expelling large quantities of blood and tissue with each one. This went on for a few hours and then suddenly I felt calm, my body relaxed and somehow I instinctively knew it was over. I continued to bleed lightly for another 3 or 4 days. In retrospect I remember that my only pregnancy symptoms (swollen breasts and constipation) had seemed to disappear at the same time.

I did go to the emergency room on my midwife's advice later that evening (it was a weekend) to get a Rhogam shot because I'm RH- and we wanted to avoid any potential problems with future pregnancies. The hospital insisted on an U/S and found my uterus clear so no D&C was required. We never tested any tissue to try to determine the cause as this was my first m/c.

I'm glad I trusted my body. Exactly 29 days later AF returned and 3 months later I became pregnant again, this time with fabulous morning sickness. We're hoping this one sticks around.
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Bright red bleeding is more of a "red flag" than pink or brown, but you can have it without having a miscarriage. I've had 3 miscarriages and they were the only times I've ever bled during pregnancy, so in my mind bleeding = miscarriage, even though I know it's not really the case. For me, the bleeding increased, the cramping was constant, and then eventually the cramps came in waves -- contractions. Then I felt like I was going through transition, then I felt "pushy." I was passing clots along with the blood through all of that. Once the pushy feelings were over, the contractions subsided to cramping. The actual tissue (baby, amniotic sac, placenta) didn't show up until the morning after (I've always "laboured" into the night with my miscarriages and things settled down in the early morning). But that's just me, I've read other stories and it doesn't always happen that way.

Mistaking an early miscarriage for a late, heavy period is common, I think -- a very early m/c isn't as (physically) difficult, generally.

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