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June 2007 > Jilian's "I think this is it" thread - It was it! He's here! UPDATE #26
MiamiMami's Avatar MiamiMami 10:21 PM 06-05-2007
Oh Jill!!!!! I am so happy I'm crying!!!!:

Welcome little Evan! You have a great Mama, Dad and big brother!

And Mama, I am giving you a few days to rest and then I'm bringing you dinner!

MeganW's Avatar MeganW 10:34 PM 06-05-2007
Congratulations Jilian Happy Baby Moon.
OTMomma's Avatar OTMomma 10:55 PM 06-05-2007
Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world baby Evan!
sebarnes's Avatar sebarnes 10:58 PM 06-05-2007
Yay! Congratulations!!
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 11:22 PM 06-05-2007
Wonderful news! Congrats!

Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 11:24 PM 06-05-2007
Congratulations! I was thinking about you all day today.

My first son was also a little peanut (6#11oz at 40w5d) and we were sure of conception date. It was so weird when he came out and he was this little thing... I had imagined him so much bigger when he was inside of me. LOL!

Happy Babymooning... I hope we get to see pics soon!
treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 11:33 PM 06-05-2007
Awwwww...congratulations Jill!!!

: :
bemommy's Avatar bemommy 11:49 PM 06-05-2007
Congrats Jil and welcome to baby Evan. . he's got an awesome big bro to look up to. Enjoy your baby moon!!
basset's Avatar basset 11:50 PM 06-05-2007
Congrats... I love, love, love his name!!!!!! Happy babymoon!!!!!!
beanandpumpkin's Avatar beanandpumpkin 11:58 PM 06-05-2007
Yay, congratulations!! Happy Birthday, Evan, and Happy Birthing Day to you, Jill!
bu's mama's Avatar bu's mama 12:01 AM 06-06-2007
: : : :

Congratulations Jilian!!
WatermelonSnow's Avatar WatermelonSnow 12:20 AM 06-06-2007
Wonderful!! Congratulations!
savvybabygrace's Avatar savvybabygrace 12:26 AM 06-06-2007
Congratulations and welcome sweet Evan!
momtokay's Avatar momtokay 12:31 AM 06-06-2007
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! Welcome Evan Reese!!! Fantastic news!!
fek&fuzz's Avatar fek&fuzz 12:31 AM 06-06-2007
rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 01:04 AM 06-06-2007
Congrats Jilian!
Welcome baby Evan!
jbobys's Avatar jbobys 01:07 AM 06-06-2007
congratulations, now get some rest, momma!
cant wait to hear the whole story!
Charity's Avatar Charity 01:48 AM 06-06-2007
That's wonderful news! Congratulations, Jilian, and I'm glad it wasn't on your Murphy's Law day.
sally Z's Avatar sally Z 07:58 AM 06-06-2007
congrats, can't wait to read the full story and see some pics
Haydee's Avatar Haydee 09:45 AM 06-06-2007
Congrats mama!
Marvelleaux's Avatar Marvelleaux 10:32 AM 06-06-2007
Yay! Welcome Evan!

So happy for you Jillian... I kind of thought you were going go soon when you mentioned in the weekly thread that you were really down and were going to take a break from MDC for a few days. That's how I felt right before I went into labor. Congrats for crossing the finish line!
Robbins0614's Avatar Robbins0614 01:37 PM 06-06-2007
Mab's Avatar Mab 06:25 PM 06-06-2007
I love, love, love the name. Congratulations!!! have a wonderful babymoon
Cygnet09's Avatar Cygnet09 03:35 AM 06-07-2007
Oh, how wonderful! I'm so excited and happy for you! Give that sweet baby head a sniff for me, will you?

Congratulations and welcome Evan!
awallrising's Avatar awallrising 01:08 PM 06-07-2007
Yah Jilian! Congratulations! I'm so happy that you're done waiting.

Baby Evan will be up to speed in no time.
mataji4's Avatar mataji4 02:58 AM 06-08-2007
we had the same edd and our boys have the same birthday!!
PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 10:10 AM 06-08-2007
More babies on the way!!!!

Smooth birthing to you.
monocyte 12:41 PM 06-08-2007
Yeah Jill!!

Can't wait to hear more and see some pictures!!

Big s!!!
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