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June 2007 > anyone ever try Labor Boost cream?
happymom83's Avatar happymom83 08:02 PM 06-13-2007
just wondering what ur experience was?i think i'll have her early but just in case i go over i do Not want to be medically induced...any replies would be much appreciated!

jbobys's Avatar jbobys 01:46 AM 06-14-2007
never hear dof it??
happymom83's Avatar happymom83 03:21 AM 06-14-2007
Go to that helps.
jbobys's Avatar jbobys 12:20 PM 06-14-2007
ok, i wanna know about that too....
maybe we should ask on im pregnant forum?
happymom83's Avatar happymom83 01:03 PM 06-14-2007
I posted on the I'm pregnant board and the Birth and Beyond board so check those,i keep checking to see if i have any replies.hope that helps!
jbobys's Avatar jbobys 07:12 PM 06-19-2007
did anyone ever respond to your posts on the other forums?