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punquin's Avatar punquin 10:47 AM 11-02-2006
This is my first pg... I didn't realize it would be so hard to not tell everyone in site right away! And, it's only been 3 days! :

Who have you told so far?

DH was the first I told, of course. But I felt like I needed a support system to confide in as well... I guess, you aren't supposed to tell anyone until you are at a lower risk of a miscarrage, but the people I chose to tell are the people I'd want supporting me if that were to happen.

I told two friends who live across the country in CA - I have been talking to them both for over a year about ttc. I told my good friend and officemate (who just had a baby herself). I felt like I needed someone looking out for me at work. I work in the dog care industry. I used to work with the dogs - a very physical job - but now Iam the graphic designer. The managers of the dog care staff are used to asking to to fill in when they are short staffed, and I'm not good at saying no. My friend will help me moderate how much I do physically.

The one other person I told was my friend/neighbor who got pg on her first try partway through my ttc adventure. She's due in Feb. We are both the same size and have a lot in common. I thought it would be perfect to have a pg buddy thre doors down. She knew bout my struggle to get pg, too.

DH was okay with who I told, but was worried that they'd be telling their DH's. I am okay with it if they do. He asked me what the chances were that I wasn't really pg. After 3 different positive tests, I told him him there was not chance I wasn't pg. That it's just early, so I'm at higher risk of loosing it. I think it is finally starting to sink in for him. He's actually starting to refer to me being pg outloud...

bgb699's Avatar bgb699 11:53 AM 11-02-2006
I told my mother via e-card from peeonastick.com:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I peed on a stick,
and in 9 months I'm due
(or something towards that effect, don't remember the exact wording). She got the biggest kick out of that!
We told the kids last night, and they're both less than thrilled. My 16 yr old says he's moving out, and my 11 yr old wasn't very happy either...I hope they warm up to it. Maybe after they hear the heartbeat and feel movement they will. I don't blame them for feeling this way...it's going to mean a big change in our lives and I'm sure they're pretty apprehensive about not knowing exactly what to expect.
HopesMom's Avatar HopesMom 12:10 PM 11-02-2006
Basically I've just told some girlfriends. People who I'd likely tell if I miscarry. We'll wait until mid dec or so to tell our families and then we'll tell our kids after an ultrasound or heartbeat. Anyone else will have to notice and ask.
trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya 06:25 PM 11-02-2006
I told my mom right away (a few hours after I POAS). Dh was with me when I took the test - he always is. It's tradition! My dad guessed from hearing my mom's side of the phone conversation, which is fine. My siblings won't find out till after we hear the heartbeat, hopefully the first week of December. They're 18, 14, and 12 and live 2,000 miles away so there's no reason to make this pregnancy really long for them or disappoint them if I mc. We're going to visit for Christmas though so they'll know then at the latest.

I told my girlfriends who have kids, but not the childless friends yet. And we announced it in church last Sunday because we would end up telling many of the church folks anyway if I did mc.

We've talked about the baby in front of dd, but she has no clue : She turns 1 in 8 days!!! I cannot believe it :

love and peace.