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July 2007 > Dr's appt. today... dialated, effaced, engaged at 35 1/2 weeks...
Lissybug's Avatar Lissybug 08:49 PM 06-09-2007
I don't know what to make of it, just wanted to let you know I hope you're doing well

imgr8ful's Avatar imgr8ful 09:39 PM 06-09-2007
with both of my previous labors, i've woken up in the middle of the night with what felt like period cramps. both times i was able to go back to sleep and then delivered my babies the next day.
kmaj's Avatar kmaj 12:38 AM 06-10-2007
Thanks guys. I'm okay, still here. Took some tylenol and a bath and the cramping is gone. Luckily, she's a feisty little one and always beating me up, so I don't worry so much if she's okay when weird things happen to my body!
jee'smom's Avatar jee'smom 06:41 PM 06-10-2007
Cramping is how the beginning of labor felt to me.
Smetana_'s Avatar Smetana_ 11:35 PM 06-10-2007
My Dr. told me with DS that she doesn’t do internals unless she has a reason to do so because they don’t give any real info as to when the baby will come. The info usually will only stress out the Mom’s.
Which I found so true: At the time I was on a forum with all first time Mom’s due in Sep. And as soon as they heard they were 1cm or so dilated they got all excited and then stressed when nothing was happening… My first check was when I was in labor (3 days before edd) at 7-8 cm. Ds was born less then 3 hours later. Nice surprise!
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