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Why does my mucous plug not come out?

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My mucous plug never came out with either of my first two pregnancies. With DS, I was induced a week early, so that's probably why, but DD came on her due date and did everything on her own, and still, no noticeable bits of mucous plug. I'm starting to feel left out of the Mucous Plug Club.

Is everyone supposed to lose it before the birth? Am I abnormal?
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I never lost mine, either. Well, I'm sure that I lost it at some point, but it was probably very gradual because I never noticed. I haven't lost it this time either, but I'm not freaking out because I know that I don't need to to go into labor!

You're definitely not abnormal!
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Originally Posted by becoming View Post
I'm starting to feel left out of the Mucous Plug Club.
I've never been in that club, either! My water broke first with DS and I never noticed anything before that.
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Same here. I'd love to see a nice cork fall out, or bloody show, or ANYTHING that lets me know this baby isn't going to stay forever!
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I never noticed any mucus plug coming out or bloody show with dd. This time though I just had a bunch of bloody show last night and quite a bit of thick mucus today. So it's different with every pregnancy I guess

love and peace.
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I don't know, but we can build the club together. Mine never comes out per se either, although I do get a bit of show and some "stuff" when things really get going, but otherwise, nada. Today though, every single time I use the potty I find a teensy spot of something light brown on the paper.
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I never noticed mine came out with my first two. With #3 it came out in a big huge glob, freaked me out! This time I am noticing when I wipe sometimes there's bits and pieces albeit tiny bits and pieces of it. It's not abnormal to not notice the loss of your plug.
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Mine came out in big clumps with dd about a week before I went into labor with her. This time, I've notice that I'm less ... juicy ... this week than last so I wonder if it came out & I didn't notice. I haven't been checking the TP when I go because it's hard enough to reach around the belly to wipe that I'm not bringing anything back.
goddessjulia's Avatar goddessjulia
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never saw mine with ds either, water didn't break until hours into pushing. don't really expect to with this one...
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I only lost my mucus plug before labor with my first baby. I have no memory of losing it with #2. With #3 I lost it about 2 hours before he was born, and with my latest birth I noticed it floating around the birthing pool about 10 minutes before she was born (sorry if that was TMI ).
imgr8ful's Avatar imgr8ful
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mine hasn't come out until i'm in labor...
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