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jee'smom's Avatar jee'smom 06:42 PM 07-11-2007
OK, so every once in awhile today, I get a very little gush of fluid with some pink plug. I didn't think it was amniotic fluid, just a watery discharge. Has anyone else had little gushes of watery discharge? Then I'm dry for a couple of hours, then a little gush (underwear get soaked) with little bits of pink plug, then nothing again. If my water were leaking, wouldn't i be consistently wet? (water broke with dd, but it was a gush and then I was constantly wet for rest of the night) TIA!

DoulaClara's Avatar DoulaClara 06:46 PM 07-11-2007
When this happens, are you moving from sitting to standing, or vice versa?
jee'smom's Avatar jee'smom 06:50 PM 07-11-2007
no, just here and there....walking around....
marziechar's Avatar marziechar 07:26 PM 07-11-2007
Just call your midwife or OB....testing is very simple. I know everyone doesn't work in a lab, but if you have some pH paper, you can test yourself--basic=aminiotic fluid

I was told it can break at the top letting small amounts leak out at a time....

It is crucial, however, to know one way or another whether you're just leaking normal fluids or amniotic fluids.....
AutumnLeaves5's Avatar AutumnLeaves5 08:33 PM 07-11-2007
To be honest it doesn't sound that different from when my water broke w/ DS #1...
tiffany21074's Avatar tiffany21074 08:42 PM 07-11-2007
I have been having the same thing; my midwife said it is possible to be a high-slow leak sort of thing, or sometimes there is a small amount of 'hind waters'? that can bust but leave the larger bag intact. i wouldn't stress out about it, just get it tested and talk to your midwife. fwiw, i did test mine, and it came out negative. but my midwife wasn't concerned about it happening to me.