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SleepyMamaBear 07-29-2007 05:23 AM

water broke at 12:50 am sunday.
so far Contrax are coming every 3-4 minutes apart. not lasting TOO long. but, they are strong enough to moan through!
will update when she gets here!
YAY i'm having a baby!!!!

MCatLvrMom2A&X 07-29-2007 05:29 AM

I hope you are holding your little one very soon

SleepyMamaBear 07-29-2007 05:32 AM

its only 1:22!!! soon but not that soon!

meagansroses 07-29-2007 05:34 AM

congratulations, keep going mama, you can do it!!! Sending you quick and easy labor vibes (send them back when your done ) I soooooo want to be next. Good luck and keep us updated when you can!!

SleepyMamaBear 07-29-2007 05:40 AM

i am sitting here. contracting every three minutes.
strong enough to moan through.
i will send these vibes right on out to all of you ladies.

mama_nomad 07-29-2007 05:46 AM

i would follow you all night across the boards but alas, i'd like to get SOME sleep before my kiddos wake up!

can't wait to hear how your nigth went............

come out gently, sweet girl!

MCatLvrMom2A&X 07-29-2007 06:22 AM

Time zone difference when I read your post here it was right at 4:30am

At any rate fast labor vibes

bdavis337 07-29-2007 09:20 AM

Ooh ooh! Can't WAIT to hear that she's arrived and you're all snuggled up together!!!

jee'smom 07-29-2007 10:12 AM

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!... good luck, tiffany!

luckydog 07-29-2007 10:21 AM

Yay, Tiffany! Labor vibes for you (maybe it's even too late???).

IamPink 07-29-2007 10:43 AM

That's what I am hoping, Bee!!

Good luck!!

pamamidwife 07-29-2007 10:53 AM

Baby niamh delphinium thane Abrahams was born in the water at 4.57 this morning.

This beautiful, dark haired beauty was lovingly received into her fathers hands..

10 lb HBAC bliss! Tiffany was a true goddess!

jee'smom 07-29-2007 11:12 AM

YEAH!!! YOU DID IT, Tiffany! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear the birth story and see pics!

luckydog 07-29-2007 11:19 AM

Wooooo-hooooooo!! Welcome baby Niamh and congrats Tiffany - sounds like an amazing birth and I cannot WAIT to hear all about it!!!

HBAC - yay!!! 10 lbs - wow!

Mel L 07-29-2007 12:14 PM

Yea! Way to go Tiffany! Congrats to your bigger family! Enjoy that babymoon!

MammaKoz 07-29-2007 12:24 PM

WOOOOHOOO! This made my whole morning reading this! Congratulations Tiffany!!

elvishlucky 07-29-2007 12:34 PM

Congrats on your HBAC, Tiffany! I've been contracting all night - maybe I'm next?

Lissybug 07-29-2007 06:58 PM

Hooray Tiffany!!! So happy for you and your family

Racecar 07-29-2007 07:10 PM

Oh you are awesome! Congratulations!!

pilllowhead 07-29-2007 08:15 PM

Wow, congratulations Tiffany!!!

riomidwife 07-29-2007 08:32 PM

Tiffany I got chills reading about the arrival of your little one!


Dreamer 07-30-2007 12:24 AM

Originally Posted by pamamidwife View Post
Baby niamh delphinium thane Abrahams was born in the water at 4.57 this morning.

This beautiful, dark haired beauty was lovingly received into her fathers hands..

10 lb HBAC bliss! Tiffany was a true goddess!
WOW! That made me tear up!!!!

I am soooo happy for you Tiffany!!!

I thought FOR SURELY you'd be an August mommy! Oh well, guess I'll be hangin around for that title *sigh*!!

So happy for you sweetie, can't wait to see pics of Niamh!!! Sounds like the birth went quickly after everything got started! So proud of your HBAC! You rock mama!! Love on that sweet baby, rest up and enjoy your babymoon!!!


SleepyMamaBear 07-30-2007 02:34 AM

This is Tiffany's husband Morgan. I would just like to update for her.

As you may have read my HBAC/VBAC queen brought Niamh Delphinium Thane Abrahams into the world this morning at 4:56 AM. The entire labor and birth only last just a little over 4 hours.

Niamh is a blissful image of her mother with a full head of black hair measuring in at 10Lbs and 22inch.

It may have been only 4 hours, but it was the hardest and most proud 4 hours of Tiffanys life and I would like to just say that she is So HBAC hardcore and is a prime example to those womyn that are afraid or intimidated of a VBAC.

Womyn, This is your temple and you CAN do it.

MCatLvrMom2A&X 07-30-2007 03:55 AM

Congrats on your lovely daughter


jee'smom 07-30-2007 09:52 AM

morgan, thank you so much for updating us and for the words of encouragement... you sound like an incredible and very supportive man/husband! congrats on your little girl, daddy!

c_something 07-30-2007 12:20 PM

Congratulations on the birth of the little girl! Congrats

pilllowhead 07-30-2007 12:29 PM

MY GOD, the chills you are giving me. THat is beautifully put Morgan, congratulations on the birth of your daughter and congratulations Tiffany,

SleepyMamaBear 07-30-2007 06:36 PM

This is Morgan again.

Thank you all for your support. I would just like to notify all the BFAR mothers that Niamh has produced 5 poops and 4 pee pee, YAY working BooBies

jee'smom 07-30-2007 06:46 PM

YEAH!!! i'm so happy for you tiffany!!! (and the baby!) :

SleepyMamaBear 08-04-2007 03:15 AM

little update.
this is Tiff,
thanks everyone for being so wonderful and loving and supporting through everything.
i feel so blessed to be a part of this DDC.
to those that are STILL waiting, dont worry mamas, your babies will be in your arms very soon!

i will write my birth story soon. i hope.
for now pics are in my husbands myspace page. he is the first in my friends list on MY myspace, which is linked in my name in my sig.
she is fabulous.
and my truth bringer for sure

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