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bdavis337's Avatar bdavis337 04:06 PM 08-04-2007
Specifically, monitors. I NEED a monitor. JM's room is upstairs, he already sleeps far better in his playpen/bassinet than in the bouncy seat downstairs or on my bed. He'll sleep w/me at night, but during the day when the older boys have the music or tv on, when the a/c or dishwasher is running, etc, I can't hear him cry when he needs me!!!!!! I need a monitor! What do you have, and why do you like it/love it/hate it? I need something that will work in an upstairs/downstairs environment, and I HUGE bonus would be one that I can carry outside with me onto the patio and have it still pick up....

Mel L's Avatar Mel L 04:31 PM 08-04-2007
We have this one-

We don't have a 2 story, but we have a spread out 1 story. We love it! I can take it outside to work on the garden, and we can hear her great. I never needed one with ds, but I really use it with 2. I love that you can set it to voice activated. That really gets my attention when she needs it. Our phones are 2.4 ghz so we haven't had interference.
Eben'sMama's Avatar Eben'sMama 07:18 PM 08-04-2007
Another vote for the Sony Babycall monitor. We have had no interference problems with ours, and it's great because there are so many channel options. We had a Safety 1st before and it was very loud and static-y. We have a smaller cottage-style home, but my sister, who has a DS only a few months older than our DS1, has a larger, modern 2-story and it works equally well in both of our houses. It also has a large reception range. We have a detached garage behind our house and it works great out there--clear as a bell.
BrownEyed's Avatar BrownEyed 02:43 AM 08-05-2007
We also have the same monitor as mentioned above. It's great! We have a 2 story house and 2 acres of land. To give you perspective, her room is by the front door upstairs and I can be all the way out back on the property line and it's still clear.

Of course she's not alone inside, but it's always good for piece of mind.