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August 2007 > Let's make a list of OTC medicines that are Ok to take
mommysusie's Avatar mommysusie 02:06 PM 01-05-2007
I was thinking about this earlier and I'm not sure about which ones are safe and which ones are not. The ones I know are below. Feel free to add any that you can think of.


PiePie's Avatar PiePie 04:17 PM 01-05-2007
no no not sudafed!

over-the-counter nasal sprays as long as they are short-acting (not the 12-hour timed release ones)

lanolin for hemorrhoids (in place of prep h)
mom22girls's Avatar mom22girls 04:50 PM 01-05-2007
My doc says:

Tavist, Tavist D, Sudafed, for colds

Tylenol or Xtra strength Tylenol,
Maalox, Mylanta, Tums, Rolaids.

Also Robitussin and Benadryl.

Although I personally don't believe in cold medicine. Lots of liquid and rest works best!

Cinder's Avatar Cinder 05:56 PM 01-05-2007
My OB says sudaphed (original psudaphedrine, not the reformulated crap) after the first tri.

cough syrup with just dxm

And I think that is it on his list. I'm also taking zofran(prescription) and dramamine(otc) at his suggestion for hyperemesis (I took way more stuff for it last time, but hopefully I'm keeping down enough this time around that I won't lose too much weight).
pookel's Avatar pookel 06:29 PM 01-05-2007
I was told Claritin for allergies, but stop taking Allegra.
Emma's_Mommy's Avatar Emma's_Mommy 01:10 AM 01-06-2007
i take unisom (it's an over the counter sleeping medication) for morning sickness and i swear it works wonders!!!!!!! I also have hyperemesis and this has worked better than the zofran and reglan combined!!
QueenOfThePride's Avatar QueenOfThePride 01:58 PM 01-06-2007
There is no such thing as a 'safe' medication during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. There are a few, like Tylenol that are unlikely to cause problems. But really there is ALWAYS risk.
c_something's Avatar c_something 02:12 PM 01-06-2007
nankilicious's Avatar nankilicious 03:56 AM 01-07-2007
sudafed is known to decrease milk supply if you are breastfeeding.

Here is a link to some other info on OTC drugs and pregnancy
EkkaGrrl's Avatar EkkaGrrl 12:47 PM 01-07-2007
Here's another great links for looking up medications, prescription or OTC and other chemicals. I beleive they even have herbs listed here.

PiePie's Avatar PiePie 01:36 AM 01-08-2007
also safe are fiber capsules of 100% psyllium
beanbean's Avatar beanbean 07:06 PM 01-08-2007
The only things I feel safe taking are Zinc (which is a miracle cure for me if I catch the cold right at the beginning) and assorted herbs.

I'm careful about what I consume and definitely don't want to take any chances with commercial drugs when pregnant, if they're not absolutely necessary.
farmama's Avatar farmama 04:20 PM 01-09-2007
I would recommend if you have no prior experience with pseudoephedrine (in Sudafed and most cold/flu medications) to stay away from it. last time i took it i felt positively spun out...can't imagine i'd choose that over being sick, especially now that i'm pg.