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ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 06:28 PM 01-06-2007

Now I get to dread telling my new boss.

heatherh's Avatar heatherh 07:11 PM 01-06-2007
Congrats! And good luck with breaking it to the boss.
PiePie's Avatar PiePie 08:54 PM 01-06-2007
yes, i will be very interested in what you say when and how it goes.
Mindi22's Avatar Mindi22 11:37 PM 01-06-2007
Whoo-hoo! Congrats!
mkoontz's Avatar mkoontz 12:49 AM 01-07-2007
Well done, and good luck
ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 02:22 AM 01-07-2007
Thanks everyone. I'm really excited about the job and my boss is very nice. And a woman, which helps. So I think it will be fine. I'll probably wait until twelve or thirteen weeks though -- depending if I'm showing by then.
MammaKoz's Avatar MammaKoz 05:19 AM 01-07-2007
: You rock! Way to go!! :

I'm so happy for you!

Hopefully your boss takes it well (I'm sure she will!)!
Jster's Avatar Jster 07:08 PM 01-07-2007
Ah, that situation! Congrats on the job! I got a new job (moved back to the country and needed health benefits ASAP) when I was 13 weeks pregnant with #1 (thank god my suit still fit) and then hid it for another, oh, 5 or six weeks (buying bigger pants, wearing sweaters, it was winter It went really well when I did tell them, so I hope it goes well for you as well! And remember, pregnancy is NOT a condition you can be fired for!
PiePie's Avatar PiePie 09:26 PM 01-07-2007
I just bought a new suit for a 3rd interview. That will make 3 suits that I won't be able to wear shortly (and I fear ever again). I really need the new suit for my mood going into an interview. But if I got this job (konnnehura poo poo poo!!) I will have to get a much dressier wardrobe and I can't imagine buying non-maternity stuff now.
ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 10:18 PM 01-07-2007
PiePie, good luck on your job search! I am glad this job came up when it did. This is my second babe and I can tell that I am going to start showing a lot earlier than last time. I could have hid it for several months last time, but I don't think I'm going to make it past 12 weeks without people guessing.
mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 12:52 AM 01-08-2007
Congratulations! Good luck telling your boss, I bet it will be ok.