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my ds is 5 and is FREAKING ME OUT b/c he just knows I'm having twins, has already named them Thomas and Molly! It's so strange! I'm not planning on getting a u/s unless there's something serious going on to look into. But if I did, at how many weeks would be good to schedule one? I've had them around 16-20 wks before.

And at what point can the mw tell? My friend w/ twins started measuring big at some point, and that's when she got at u/s to confirm. But I never heard her say they heard separate heartbeats. But her mw doesn't use doppler, just the modified stethescope, which I think is awesome!

Anyway, I'm just curious..... And it's really pathetic as I'm a doula, but I don't have any good preg. books around for info! I gave them all away when we moved last year b/c I didn't think I'd ever need them again.... I ordered a couple last week, but they won't get here for a while (thanks amazon free shipping!)

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With a u/s on a good machine with a knowledgable technition they can usually see twins around 6-8 weeks as long as one is not hiding behind the other.

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With my first one, they used the doppler to listen for a heartbeat at 12 weeks, and couldn't tell if there were two heartbeats or if they heard an echo. (It wasn't twins.) They did check for heartrates, though, and if they'd heard two very different rates at about the same time, they'd know there were twins. I guess what I'm saying is it would be possible for the doppler to confirm twins, but not to rule them out.

If you want to know the sex, I think you'd want a later ultrasound, like 19-20 weeks, but if you just want to check for twins, I think pretty much anytime will work. I had a 7 week ultrasound to check dates and they confirmed that there was just one embryo (one of my main concerns! ).
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My twins were dx'd at 6w6d via ultrasound
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I suspected twins during my last pregnancy, my OB never said anything about measuring big. I just put the twin thing out of my mind and thought I was just bigger cause it was my 3rd pregnancy. But at 16 weeks I had an ultrasound and confirmed twins. Now I'm wondering if I could be carrying twins again, I don't want to go for ultrasounds this time and have a midwife so I'm hoping they would be able to tell if I'm measuring big or two heart beats, if thats the case I'll go and get an ultrasound. Only because you do have to take better care of yourself when your carrying twins as early as possible, diet wise, rest etc.
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I LOVE the names your DS picked out. They go really well together!!!!!
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They knew both my previous kids were twins around 5-6 weeks, I then miscarried one baby both times around 7 weeks.

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Last time I was measuring big at 7 weeks. They did an ultrasound and found that there had been twins, but now one of the sacs was empty. By 11 weeks I had reabsorbed the other sac and my measurements for the rest of the pregnancy were right on for a singleton (which he was).

This time I'm also worrying about the possibility of twins, but I think that's just because of last time.
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5w2d and 5w3d for both of mine, but it was via IVF and there was a high chance of it, so they were looking. Identicals it's later, because you need to be able to see two individual babies, though even on a very early US the gestational sac will measure larger for gestational age. Last time, we lost one at 10-12 weeks, but the one was always a little behind. This time, they're both looking good, so I'm hopeful it will be two until the end

With my second baby, I was measuring 22w at 17w and they sent me for an US, but he was just big! Born at 34w and weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and looked term, but his lungs were sooo immature poor baby.

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My son was three when I was pregnant with twins. Before I knew I was having twins I used to ask him, what he wanted, a baby brother or a baby sister. He used to reply, "baby brother and baby sister". I used to think he was just being cute until I went in for an ultrasound and found out I was having twins, a boy and a girl!:
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I just found out today for sure that I'm having twins. I suspected at 10 weeks, when I was measuring where I would have been for 16 weeks. Plus the extra nausea and fatigue. I'm 12 weeks now.

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I found out at 9 weeks that we are expecting twins. I knew something was different/wrong, because of how hungry I was and how long my breasts continued to hurt. Way different then my past 3 pregnancies.
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