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suprgrl's Avatar suprgrl 08:07 PM 08-20-2007
Just a short post to say that Ezreal Archer has arrived!
He was born at home at 5:32am on August 19th (EDD was Aug 17). 9 pounds and 21 inches long. We are doing great!
Here's our story:
Pretty quick and easy labor, so that was nice. I started feeling cramp-like contractions at 12:30am. Called our midwife around 1:30. She got here at 3:00am while I was sitting eating a bowl of cereal. By 3:45 contractions were about 3 minutes apart, but I could talk through them. She decided to get some rest since it seemed like it could be a while and she had been up late that night for her daughter's wedding. At around 4:15 things started to get more intense, so I got in the shower around 4:30 which helped. Close to 5:00 I threw up a few times, and figured I was probably in transition and should get Leslie up. Nick woke her up and Ezreal was born at 5:32! I couldn't believe how fast it went from the time it started to get difficult! Obviously our midwife was surprised too. It all went so well, though. It was very nice to be at home!
We are all doing very well. Ezreal is such a sleeper! Very unlike Silas in that way. Someday he'll wake up and we'll get to know him a bit. Silas is loving it and really really wants to play with him. He's always trying to share his toys with him, give him kisses, and point out all his body parts. Very cute

Pics below:

kristen1978's Avatar kristen1978 08:18 PM 08-20-2007
baby Ezreal!! Good work mama, congratulations. Can't wait to hear more!
Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 08:32 PM 08-20-2007
Amy&4girls's Avatar Amy&4girls 08:57 PM 08-20-2007
Momsteader's Avatar Momsteader 09:54 PM 08-20-2007
Congrats! What a big boy!
dctexan's Avatar dctexan 11:22 PM 08-20-2007
Congrats on your baby boy!!! Thanks for the update. I will add you both to the welcome thread. Happy babymoon
Alohamelly's Avatar Alohamelly 12:22 AM 08-21-2007
zjande's Avatar zjande 02:24 AM 08-21-2007

(from one mama of an 11/26/05 boy to another )
Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 03:19 AM 08-21-2007
Congratulations! Hope you have a beautiful babymoon.
mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 05:23 PM 08-21-2007
chlobo's Avatar chlobo 06:26 PM 08-21-2007
Sabo's Avatar Sabo 06:32 PM 08-21-2007
Yippee!! Congrats.