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UUMom's Avatar UUMom 11:31 PM 11-23-2008
So I returned the Wii and the G Hero stuff and all the extra thingies so multiple children can play and dh went out with my techie brother to buy Playstation 3 instead. This would be our first game system (except for hand held gameboys). The kids at home are 16, 15, 9, but we are a gathering place and tend to have lots of kids over frequently. (The oldest is home at college breaks). Did I do the right thing taking the Wii back?

Some people were telling me their kids didn't like the Wii that much, that Pllaystation 3 was a better value, and games can be had cheaper.

True? Not?

Maybe I don't want to know that I should not have returned the Wii items.

NiteNicole's Avatar NiteNicole 11:55 PM 11-23-2008
We have both. Old people and little kids and people who aren't really gamers like the Wii. I like the Wii. I am so NOT a gamer. Most games are casual and you don't have to spend hours and hours learning to play. The controls are simple.

In my experience, kids and adults who play games a lot like Playstation better. I think the Wii is kind of dull to them for the same reasons it's fun for someone like me.

I think you did the right thing. A 9, 15, and 16 year old would blow through the Wii games pretty quickly and get bored.
marybethorama's Avatar marybethorama 11:57 PM 11-23-2008
The kids at our house are all 12 and under and it's Wii all the way but I have heard from at least one mom of older kids that their kids weren't that into the Wii.

TBH I think the Playstation is a good choice.
UUMom's Avatar UUMom 12:33 AM 11-24-2008
OK. He came back with nothing. lol He says we don't have HD, so we don't need PS3, but maybe PS2, which is much cheaper. We are also considering XBox 360. So I'm going to take the kids to the sotre to see what games they like best and decide from her. Whatever, there is a Gutiar Hero something in our future.

What are your teens fav games. (And Grand Theft Auto is not on our list. That's too much of a leap for me to make right now). What about your 8-10 yr old's favs?
TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 12:39 AM 11-24-2008
We don't have either (we have an X-box & X-box 360 & Nintendo DSs).

My kids (7 & 9) like the lego games (Star Wars, Indiana Jones...), Harry Potter games, old arcade games, driving/racing games.
UUMom's Avatar UUMom 03:40 AM 11-24-2008
Originally Posted by TiredX2 View Post
We don't have either (we have an X-box & X-box 360 & Nintendo DSs).

My kids (7 & 9) like the lego games (Star Wars, Indiana Jones...), Harry Potter games, old arcade games, driving/racing games.
They play those on the computer now, so i would think it would be fun to do with the Xbox or PS etc.

I'm going to talk to them tomorrow about games again.
phoolove's Avatar phoolove 11:49 AM 11-24-2008
We have the Wii, and we love it, but our kids are 12, 9, 7, and 2.

This year we are getting the xbox360, because it's nice, but quite bit cheaper than the ps3, which we almost bought because B*st B*y has that 18 months no interest deal going on.
BY the time you buy the ps3 plus the extra controller plus all that other stuff, it gets pretty pricey.
I was also the only one who really wanted the ps3 because that game Little Big Planet looks really fun.
And even if you don't have HD, the games aren't the same, and there are lots of extras with the ps3.
xbox360 games are geared for an older audience, like teens, versus the wii which is way family friendly.

I'm all over the place here, but I am recommending the xbox360 (not the arcade version though unless you have external memory to dedicate to the system)
CarrieMF's Avatar CarrieMF 01:49 PM 11-24-2008
He says we don't have HD, so we don't need PS3, but maybe PS2, which is much cheaper
Dh has a PS3. He had an older Xbox that was dying out on him & he wetn back & forth on whether to get the PSE or the Xbox 360.

he went with teh PSE for 2 reasons:

Is plays blueray discs
His friends who've had the Xbox 360 all had to service them multiple times

Now the girls(6, 7 & 9) are getting a Wii for xmas. I have friends who have older kids & they play with the Wii just fine. In my hometown(of 1000 people, most in their 50's +) the wii is the HOT ticket item for all these parents whose kids have moved out. They get together & play Wii.
MusicianDad's Avatar MusicianDad 05:50 PM 11-24-2008
To be honest, it all depends on what kind of games you want to play. The Wii, Playstation and xBox all have different target markets.
*LoveBugMama*'s Avatar *LoveBugMama* 08:07 PM 11-24-2008
We have PS2, but would like PS3 sometime in the future. My son is 7,5 YO, and he loves to play.

His favorite games:

Need for Speed (several different ones)
FIFA 08 (He wants 09 for christmas. FIFA is a soccergame.)
Crash Bandicoot (Wants the new one, Mind over Mutant, for christmas.)
Magella's Avatar Magella 08:54 PM 11-26-2008
Just want to say about the XBox 360, that we have one which we got for free and I am glad we didn't pay for it. Perhaps the problems have been fixed in newly produced boxes (we got ours a little over a year ago), but the 360 is notorious for the Red Ring of Death which means: the thing breaks, easily, and you have to send it out to be fixed. One design problem is that it is notorious for overheating easily, one factor leading to the red ring of death. These machines are just well-known for breaking. You might have good luck and it won't die, but an enormous number of people (including us) have had them die. Also, certain games don't work as well on the xbox 360 as they are purported to work on the PS3.
alima's Avatar alima 09:36 PM 11-26-2008
We have a Wii, and ds is getting a 360 for Xmas. I like a few of the Wii games (I'm dying to get a Wii fit), but the system is designed more for younger kids, adults who aren't seriously into gaming and group play. My ds is a pretty serious gamer who likes to play very in depth, long playing campaign type games, so that's why he wants an Xbox.

If the game is to have something around for a variety of people to play, the Wii would have the most, younger oriented variety. PS3's are very, very expensive and doesn't have much different variety in it's games than the Xbox. It sounds like you'd be fine with a PS2 (you could probably buy a refurbished used one from your local gaming store.) It has probably the largest selection of games (it was one of the most popular platforms of all time) and it's still pretty easy to find PS2 games.
CarrieMF's Avatar CarrieMF 01:46 PM 11-27-2008
the 360 is notorious for the Red Ring of Death
ooh, that sounds like the Blue Screen of Death that happens on our
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 10:08 PM 11-27-2008
Mine are 13. They had an XBox & we're now on our 2nd XBox 360. All the kids they know have one & they all play online together so that's why we have that one.
Zan&Zav's Avatar Zan&Zav 11:06 PM 11-27-2008
I love the wii, and im a gamer. there is a huge variety of games so you can find games to suit everyone. I love that alot of the games you have to get up and move around to play them. Wii sports is great, my father (54) myself (25) and my oldest son (4) all play it together and have a blast.