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willibug's Avatar willibug 02:25 AM 11-22-2009
So, DD is 11yo. She's small for her age, thin, and has shown no signs of puberty yet, apart from a few strands of underarm hair. Well, and body odor!

Last night, she came down with a fever. She also had a mild sore throat. This morning, she came to me and said she'd needed to pee more often than usual today, and that there was a bit of blood sometimes. I asked her if it burned, and she said a little. I went with her to the bathroom the next time she went, and there *was* a *bit* of blood in the toilet, as well as a couple of tiny, light spots on her undies. I gave her a panty liner. I'd have thought PERIOD if she hadn't also had the aforementioned symptoms as well. My friend, a midwife, gave me some urine test strips, and I tested her urine, and got a mild positive for nitrates, and a stronger positive for leukocytes. Well, the leukocytes, COULD be from small amounts of menstrual blood. But the nitrates MAY mean an infection. DD is surprisingly nonchalant about all this!

So, what do you think? Should I take her into the doc's tomorrow? Very confusing!

MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 02:29 AM 11-22-2009
With all you described I would have a urine test done.
willibug's Avatar willibug 12:06 AM 11-23-2009
Thanks for replying.

Well, she woke up today, perky, fever-free, and having had no more bleeding burning, or frequency. My mid-wife friend gave me some olive leaf extract drops to give her. I've had her drink tons of water, sometimes with lemon juice. I will taker her to the doc if she has any more symptoms.

Hmmm! What could have been going on?
MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 12:08 AM 11-23-2009
Could be that she had the start of a UTI but her body was able to fight it off. I am glad she is feeling better today.
bestjob's Avatar bestjob 02:43 AM 11-25-2009
It's a good thing she's feeling better.