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Maybe he should read Cosmo and Redbook so he'll know what the women he encounters when he grows up will expect him to want? /cynicism
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Originally Posted by Satori View Post
I can understand objecting to more harder core porn, maybe give him something you do approve of? Say a Victoria's secret catalog?
That's along the same lines as I was thinking. How many boys out there have snuck off with mom's Victoria's Secret catalogue? We have lots of books on art - large coffee table books and reference books. Plenty of nudes to look at, for anyone who is curious - and much better representation of the variety of the female and male forms than you'll find in magazines.

OP, it sounds like you're communicating openly and honestly with your son - that's great.
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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post
I do think that porn and nudie mags are a perversion. I dont want thim thinking that all women are shaved or should be. I dont want him thinking threesomes are normal either. I want him to grow up being perfectly fine with reg sex. I dont want him thinking he has to have porn star sex and looking for ways to fill that expectation. or thinking that all women have anal sex etc. I want him to have a healthy sex life and I do think that they way women and sex are depicted in the mags and the online pics, he was looking at, are unrealistic and setting him up for disappointment later in life. I really do believe that all that perversion is one of the things that is wrong with people nowadays. It is just not natural.

Now I am expressing my opinion and I obviously dont expect everyone to share my opinion.
I really dislike those magazines, but wanted to add my experience. When I met DH, he was 29. His mom had bought him his first playboy subscription when he was 14 and paid for it until he was 18. After that, he renewed it himself. When we moved in together I told him I didn't want it in my home, and he respected that. He threw out any old issues and cancelled the subscription. So that was 15 years of playboy, and he doesn't have any of the issues you're concerned with. I am the exact opposite of a playboy model - small boobs, pubic hair, mommy belly, you name it. DH thinks I'm beautiful and isn't "disappointed" at all. I think men and boys are capable of separating fantasy from real life. And although the fantasy might be intriguing, it's not what they really want. It's just the hormones.

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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post
I know that some moral women do enjoy those things. I am a moral women..... however, most women do not and i dont want him to expect every women he is with to give it up like that. kwim?
Most women? And you know what most women do in the privacy of their bedrooms how?
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Originally Posted by imagine21 View Post
Most women? And you know what most women do in the privacy of their bedrooms how?
Not that everyone does whats in those mags but I know my woman friends talk, a lot and frankly I know wayyy to much about what some friends do in the bedroom.

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FWIW, Dh has told me that he used to *ahem* "borrow" his mother's underwear catalogs when he was a teenager... I don't see it as that different from Playboy (especially the VS catalog - there's slightly more clothing, but for a lot of guys, that's a plus), but he even used to borrow the haines (I think? something basic) catalog. *shrug* boys will be boys? I dunno.

I'd definitely not want my kid to be exposed to some of the, uh, "stronger" sites - like fetishes, what have you. There's definitely some graphic stuff out there, but just naked bodies? *shrug* I'm not sure I'd get too worked up over it, myself...

But then, my oldest is 4. So take it FWIW.

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so i bought "joy of sex" at the bookstore. it seems to be something i can be okay with. i will give it a good look over but already i have noticed that the pictures are of real people and not porn stars iykwim? i will get a back up opinion from DH. lol. but i think the info presented is in line with what i would like him to know while leaving out the stuff he doesnt need to know.

any other ideas on appropriate material?

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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post

DS said it would be ok with him if i bought him a book about sex as long as it had some pictures lol.
I love that he told you that! sounds like you are doing pretty well communication wise

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The climate DH and I set is more along the lines of "no mean porn!" I think the Penthouse would bother me more for the unkindness I've sometimes glimpsed than its graphical depiction of any particular act. Then again, I've seen ads in Vogue that strike me the same way. So it seems my issue is mostly about consideration for everyone involved, whatever the interaction may involve.

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