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emmaline's Avatar emmaline 10:10 PM 03-07-2004
my oldest ds turned 13 yesterday!!

he's a great guy - smart, empathic, funny, sweet, pedantic!

he's been on a bedroom-organising binge and has tossed out lots of kiddie stuff, and passed things on to his little brothers

the occasion seemed like a good time to discuss some issues - ds2 (6yo) brought up Respect! and so we now have a bunch of "how to respect eachother" ideas stuck up on the wall

now I must update my sig!

pugmadmama's Avatar pugmadmama 05:30 AM 03-08-2004
Congratulations, to you and your son!
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 07:00 PM 03-10-2004
How fun! The milestones are so exciting! And it's nice to hear you talk so fondly about your ds. I don't like it when people bad mouth their teenagers.
emmaline's Avatar emmaline 09:01 PM 03-11-2004
thanks ladies, dh and I do tend to look at ds1 and think we haven't done too bad of a job
3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 09:29 PM 03-11-2004
Congratulations to your ds!

My oldest will be turning into a teenager in 13 days. Amazing!