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vanislandmama's Avatar vanislandmama 10:33 AM 12-13-2010

Does anyone know if this is a good book for preteens? i am considering ordering it from amazon. 

karne's Avatar karne 11:09 AM 12-13-2010

Is this the American Girl book?  If so, we've found it to be decent as a sort of entry level book for puberty topics.

vanislandmama's Avatar vanislandmama 02:41 PM 12-13-2010

i think it is. thanks for your input. the intro book is what i am looking for!

pomplemoose's Avatar pomplemoose 06:36 AM 12-14-2010
its what dd(9) has seems age appropriate and she asks more in depth questions about things she wants to know, doesnt overwhelm her with info.
wemoon's Avatar wemoon 06:37 AM 12-14-2010

My daughter has this book and I think that it has been fairly informative for her.

vanislandmama's Avatar vanislandmama 05:36 PM 12-14-2010

are there any other books out there that anyone would recommend?

Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 08:23 PM 12-14-2010

I think American Girls' The Care and Keeping of You is a GREAT first book!  I buy it for each of my daughters when they turn 8.  I thought we could pass it along (my girls are four and almost three years apart) but each girl wanted to keep her copy.

karne's Avatar karne 05:16 AM 12-15-2010

There's also It's Perfectly Normal (Harris).  Along the same lines, slightly more detailed.

nextcommercial's Avatar nextcommercial 02:45 PM 12-15-2010

I thought it was the perfect book for my nine year-twelve year old.  I recommended that one often.

journeymom's Avatar journeymom 02:48 PM 12-15-2010

Just another thumbs up for Care and Keeping of You.  I was completely comfortable with it, and my daughter and her friends all loved it. 

amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 06:28 PM 12-15-2010

That's the one I got for my dd. It was definitely a good starter book for her.

SashaBreeze's Avatar SashaBreeze 04:16 AM 12-19-2010

We love that book at our house.thumb.gif


What I particularly love about it is that it keeps the focus on the girl and what is going on with her and steers clear of the trap of focusing on dating and "getting the guy" like a lot of other books like this fall into.  Also the drawings are of a really wide range of body sizes/types, girls that age need to see that and sadly dont get that sort of positive imagery very often.