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petitchou's Avatar petitchou 09:14 AM 12-16-2010

My parent's 17yo godson will be staying with us for Christmas and I'd like to have something under the tree for him to open Christmas morning.  I know he likes basketball and doesn't like reading but not much else.  I have a 4yo and 18 month old and have no idea what to get a teenager!  Any ideas?

HollyBearsMom's Avatar HollyBearsMom 09:32 AM 12-16-2010

Oh my gosh- 17 year old boys (and girls) ran the gamut. Gamers, sports enthusiast, musical interests, etc


Sounds like you know very little about him so unfortunately something easily used (ie: gift card to the local mall, or a place like Amazon.com) or something easily returnable/exchangeable. If he owns and Ipod an itunes gifts card could be good. None of this very "personal" but could be appreciated.


Are his folks still around-can you call them for ideas?



Can you find out more about basketball interest?  Is it playing the sport? watching it? both?  College or Professional? Does he have a favorite team? Does he own a gaming system?  if you can narrow it down that could point your towards:


  • hoodie/tshirt/hat of his favorite team
  • ESPN sports almanac (even non reader like these)
  • basketball video game (Wii, xbox, etc)



Then there is the whole budget issue.  How much do you have spend?

skimmilf's Avatar skimmilf 09:41 AM 12-16-2010

yes on the itunes card, or sweat shirt or hat of whatever team he's into.


also, find out what movie theaters are in his hometown and buy him a gift card to the movies. Can't go wrong there.

petitchou's Avatar petitchou 11:24 AM 12-16-2010

I talked to his step-grandmother (close friend of my mom's) - he likes puzzles - not jigsaw but brain teaser type puzzles that he can manipulate.  I think I'll look for something like that.  Any recommendations?


His mom is pretty much out of the picture and his dad is married to my mom's friend's daughter.  (follow that? winky.gif) I haven't spent too much time with him and he doesn't talk a lot so it's hard to know what he really likes.  His stepmom doesn't think we should get him anything because he doesn't care but I know he does. They have two younger children of their own and they have little patience with him and I think he gets the short end of the stick sometimes.

HollyBearsMom's Avatar HollyBearsMom 11:58 AM 12-16-2010

My neice (19) is a big puzzler person and loves a good old fashioned rubiks cube.  Lots of versions out there.  She also loves Suduko.


Another thought is a tangram puzzle, they are very cool! I have seen versions in lots of places-Brookstones, Sears even Spencer Gifts. Bet you could find online too.


Also I think "ThinkFun" has an adult version of the Rush Hour game.


BTW, you are really sweet to be thinking of him!

Smidge's Avatar Smidge 12:01 PM 12-16-2010

A gift card to a game shop would be cool.  We have a locally owned one in the mall here :)


Why would someone say he doesn't care about Christmas?  How sad :(

pianojazzgirl's Avatar pianojazzgirl 05:57 PM 12-17-2010

Thinkfun and Smartgames have tons of fun one-person puzzle games.  Any half-way decent game store should have a selection of games by those companies.  Or you could order from amazon!