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Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 08:31 AM 12-21-2010

DD wants a subscription to Seventeen Magazine.  I'm looking for a more wholesome alternative.  Something without all the "Looks, boys, shopping, drama!"


Any recommendations?


Lamashtu's Avatar Lamashtu 08:33 AM 12-21-2010

Not sure how old your DD is but if she's in the 12-15 range, American Girl magazine is wonderful.

Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 10:08 PM 12-21-2010

I'm afraid that might be a bit young.  She's outgrown all her American Girl books and dolls.

Ornery's Avatar Ornery 11:03 PM 12-22-2010

Is New Moon Magazine too young as well?  I've heard rave reviews and can't wait until my girl is old enough to read it.


I briefly googled and came up with one called TeenVoices that looked really interesting.  There was also a website called that I would have loved to read through but I'm not sure it was an actual magazine.  I didn't delve too deeply into either website as I didn't have time so I would suggest that you make sure they are appropriate for your teen.