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AConSmith's Avatar AConSmith 02:58 AM 05-13-2002
Help! My already previously depressed 14 yo son broke his leg two weeks ago and in is in cast and crutches. The thing that helped the most with his depression was activity like skateboarding (which is how he broke his ankle) and basketball. So now, he zones in front of tv which makes me nuts and I want it off. He will not read, no matter how great a book I give him. I feel like he really needs to move somehow but I cannot figure out how or where or what. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks, Ann

USAmma's Avatar USAmma 04:51 AM 05-13-2002
Do you think he would be interested in volunteering for a teen peer counseling hotline? They have one in our city and the teens go through training and then take calls from other teens who just need someone to talk to. If the caller is talking suicide or something serious and adult will get on and handle it. It sounded like a lot of fun. There must be other things he can volunteer for without being so mobile? Maybe reading to children, or playing card games with people in rest homes? Sometimes charities just need people to stuff envelopes or make phone calls. Might be a good experience for him.

pina la nina's Avatar pina la nina 10:08 AM 05-13-2002
Don't know if this will help - or if there's any way to inspire him to do this - but when I was on crutches - it was the hugest workout! My upper body became so strong. Its a lot of work to get around on those things. Maybe if he likes being active he'd like the challenge of just getting out and going somewhere on crutches - like an easy hiking trail? A mile or two on crutches is no joke - maybe if he thinks of it as building up his upper body so he'll be more studly looking?