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blessed2bmom's Avatar blessed2bmom 12:14 AM 01-12-2012

My daughter started getting breast this year and at first when she complained about the pain and hardness in only one of her nipples i thought she was too young for breasts and took her to the dr. thinking the worst like a tumor (both her dad and i have had tumors removed. then the doctor said totally normal that she is at the youngest puberty starts, but thats what it is. This totally freaked me out.  Since then her mood swings have been terrible. She told her nanny yesterday (who has been helping us since my daughter was 2 and is practically a grandmother to her) that if she didnt get her way she was going to jump off her balcony!  I am so appalled and disapointed. Her nanny left in tears and we had a long discussion about how wrong it was and put her on restriction from several things for a week.  Her manipulation is out of control. Any suggestions about how to handle this?

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