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Originally Posted by mamazee View Post

This is something my mom used to have fits over. A cousin called my aunt and uncle by their first names, and my mom fumed about it the whole way home.
I don't really care, though. Now, they call me "mama" - even the 10-year-old.

Yeah, my mom was scandalized when my cousin let her kids call her by name.  It was an abandonment of her authority and responsibilities. eyesroll.gif Her kids grew up to be kind, disciplined, hardworking women. 


My kids call me Mom, though ds has teased dh and me a few times trying to use our names. I love the name Mom, wouldn't miss it. We teach people how to treat us.  I don't see why it's a problem to instruct my kids to call me by the name I prefer.  I have a preference. I'm not injuring them by insisting.


My daughter's name has a shortened version, like Lizzy for Elizabeth.  Almost all of her teachers have started the school year by asking how she wants to be addressed.  Except for a couple of teachers who just forged ahead, didn't bother to ask and insisted on using her full first name.  Not the end of the world, but not respectful of her person, either. 


I figure it's the same for her and me. I want to be called Mom.  love.gif

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