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My daughter is 14, she said she has played it here and there.  I have NEVER seen her on it at all. Instagram, Twitter, and some other site (that I can't think of right now- maybe Tumblr?) are where she is mostly.  My two best friends' kids 9,8, and 6 are addicted, the 5 and 4 year olds are not into it yet (they are sisters of the 9 year old).  Any time we get together, this is all they do- at restaurants, parties, no matter where we are.  The nine year old hat a FIT when we were in a place where she couldn't get wifi (not sure why you need it, but I guess she did).  


The parents of the 8 and 6 year old think it's cute. They keep saying "this is the new play date".  I feel like the 6 year old is already socially awkward, and way too young for this (but is very big on doing everything his big brother does).  They do other things, thankfully (mom throws them into every sport imaginable), but to me, it seems a bit excessive.  The reason I worry is because I see how excessive kids are with the net as they get older (adults as well, obviously).


I believe that with all behaviors, everyone has a different personality; children and adults alike.  For example, if I decide to have some Oreo cookies, and I take the entire package out and have it in front of me, I can stop at 2 or three.  My daughter and my husband cannot.  When she was little, if there was a huge spread of dessert at a holiday occasion, she felt it was okay to just keep going.  The same with television, internet, staying up late on weekends and vacations, and any other thing she enjoys.  This is not a new teen-age behavior.  She NEEDS limits.  I do not consider myself very strict with her, I try very hard (especially at age 14) to discuss 'doing the right thing'. I go to bed very early; I tell her "I am a grown up, my mom does not set my bed time, yet I still choose on some nights to go to sleep at 9:30.  I pick my battles.


I also do agree that too much regulation and limits can bite you in the butt later on. Another friend of mine (with a 13 year old) is painfully strict with her. As strict as she has been with her, she too, would want to devour the dessert table if given the chance.  My daughter tells me about the 'little' rebellious things she sees her doing.  Right now, they are little things, but very soon, they will both be entering the world of High School, where their ability to self-regulate will be tested daily, in many ways. 


Some kids need more limits than others. Some kids can be told "ok honey, no more Minecraft for today", others will pitch a full-on fit.  Same with adults.

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I have one son, that would stay on those games 24/7 If I let him! NO WAY! He is limited! I'm not sure that's "healthy" because kids need exercise, and social interaction!
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When we finished school for the year mine thought they could focus their whole day every day on screen time, or when can we start it, how long can we play, throwing fits when it's time to get off. It's less minecraft lately, a mix of different games and videos now. But I had to severely limit it. Weekdays there's the occasional movies as a family or multiplayer games together for an hour, weekends they have about 2-3 hours a day to do what they want.

So, my oldest got a shovel out a dug a hole in the yard. He actually found a pile of coal. He was filthy, but thrilled. MC IRL FTW.
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Arrow minecraft game usage tracker available

So many kids play Minecraft many hours per week but we have restricted them to play no more than 4 hours/week but how to keep track of these things?
We don't want to control kids by locking the computer down but just notice what they do and how much of it.

Anyways, we did some research and built this site, which is specifically made for parents whose kids play minecraft game.


So we created this application and started to use on our own kids PC and it worked great.
Now we can see how much and when do they play Minecraft.

We recommend it for any parents out there who would like to track this game usage.

Thanks for reading...
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Has anyone found a way to lock Minecraft after a specified amount of time? Addiction does not begin to describe our household. The problem is my son needs his laptop for homework but can't control himself. After several warnings I need to be able to stop him from playing the game but can't take away his laptop. Any suggestions?
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I'm not sure there's a decent unhackable tool that would allow you to block access to Minecraft selectively at certain times, via the PC interface, the web interface, both online and in offline mode. I think the simplest cheapest most effective way to block it is to find a cheap used underpowered netbook and get him to use only that until his homework is done. A lot of people I know probably have a barely functional circa-2002 laptop in their basement that they'd probably give away or sell for $30. The 'x' key doesn't work, or the sound card is toast, but for a kid who has proven himself undeserving of trust and full access to up-to-date tech tools, that sort of machine would be enough.


Mountain mama to two great kids and two great grown-ups
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One thing you could do is go to the Minecraft website and change the password on his account. Unfortunately once he's logged in with a new password, he can keep going back. You'd have to change the password each night, so it won't open up for him the next day when he sits down to do home work. You could give him the new password once he's done his work... once he has the password he can change it to something you don't know, so if he's really resistant to this idea you could have a fight on your hands.

It's a laptop, you could restrict it's use to the kitchen table or somewhere you can monitor him easily. Does he need internet for his homework? The wifi password to your router could be changed so that he has to plug the laptop into the wall (hopefully in a more public location of the house) to get internet.
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I haven't gone through all the posts but I wanted to say that I control screen time in our house. So at the given time every day, I go through the house and collect all the cords and/or screens and hide them until it's time to get them out again the next day. They understand because they admit it's so addictive and they can't resist the temptation when they see a screen. There are times when they turn off the screens on their own when the time is up and I don't have to take them away, but I seem to have to back to taking them all away for a while at some point.

As for helping them build their own will for healthy screen time, I have noticed that my 13 year old is doing this on his own. He knows how tempting his iPod is, so when he's studying, he puts it away out of reach and out of sight of him. I think it will come.
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Originally Posted by Frustratedparent View Post
Has anyone found a way to lock Minecraft after a specified amount of time? Addiction does not begin to describe our household. The problem is my son needs his laptop for homework but can't control himself. After several warnings I need to be able to stop him from playing the game but can't take away his laptop. Any suggestions?
There has to be a balance between self regulation and parental control while helping them work on learning self regulation. For some children, it can take a year or even two for a young teenager to master any kind of regulation when they are for all intensive purposes addicted. Some are never able to grasp self regulation. At some point, I believe parents need to step in and show them where the line is by providing a cut off including limiting access, strict time control and repercussions when they break the set rules or ignore chores, homework or even lie to gain more game time. Mostly I find children that get addicted to the point of lacking social interaction as well as slipping on homework and studies may need to lose the game altogether for extended periods until they can show they have been able to rebalance other parts of their life or get their grades up.

@ndalal thank you for the application to help track their usage. Hopefully, as they see the time balloons they will become more aware of just how quickly time flies and see when they've met their time limit. At the same time, knowing a parent can log in and track their usage will further help them learn awareness and then hopefully self regulation. It should provide us as the parents an opportunity to discuss their usage, over usage, and lead to discussions on their improvement or their trouble with self regulating.

Unfortunately, when it gets to the point of blatant lying, like my homework is done when it's not, the ramifications need to fit the crime. They are lying in order to get more game time and I don't think they should continue having access to the game until they learn the seriousness of their actions. In this case, I need a way to lock out the game. @Mummoth suggested changing the minecraft password and that could work since it would not be turning it on and off each day; rather, they would lose access for a week or even more.

Hopefully with tracking their usage and the ability to stop their access at times, this game can be fun and useful rather than an all consuming addiction.

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