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greenmama_1963's Avatar greenmama_1963 05:07 PM 05-22-2012

My daughter will be 15 years old in 2 or 3 weeks and school will be out. She has a boyfriend and each weekend, they hang out at the local shopping center in Greensboro. She's not doing well in school, but her self-esteem is very positive. She should do something to build herself up over the Summer, instead of being at home or with her boyfriend.She defies not only her teachers but her dad ad me too. This economy still sucks, so what can she do?

whatsnextmom's Avatar whatsnextmom 05:53 PM 05-22-2012
A volunteer job may be a good move. Organizations like public libraries use a lot of teens in our area. It's good for her resume too for next year when she might want to earn some money working.
Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 06:15 PM 05-22-2012

I agree about volunteer work -- and I'd start making calls ASAP. Both my kids have their volunteer jobs for the summer set.


I'd also have her do some work on the foundational skills she needs to be successful next year in school.


What about a week of camp? Lessons in something she would enjoy that she doesn't have time for during the school year? Travel to a relative in another city?

Ragana's Avatar Ragana 09:32 AM 05-23-2012

Summer school?

ollyoxenfree's Avatar ollyoxenfree 09:58 AM 05-23-2012

Volunteering was my first thought too. 


A lot of summer camps offer counsellor-in-training programs for that age group. It would help set her up for a job next year. 


She could work on her skills for future employment eg. CPR and swim qualifications for life-guard jobs. 


She could set up her own employment for the summer around your neighbourhood eg. lawn and gardening care, pool care, mother's helper, pet-sitting and dog walking, housecleaning services, selling baked goods to friends and family......

krisnic's Avatar krisnic 02:35 PM 05-23-2012

My son volunteered last summer but complained about it a lot. It was hard to get him to fulfill his obligation that he made to them.


This year he will be taking summer college classes. And he works a few days a week. We need to keep him busy, otherwise it's bad.

jdsf's Avatar jdsf 03:24 PM 05-24-2012

Is there a food bank or an animal shelter in your area? They often have great volunteer opportunities for teens and a lot of the work is fun. I know teens who get to feed tiny kittens or load care packages of food and dry goods for shelters, and they love it. They really feel like they're helping out, while working with other people of different backgrounds and really get a sense of "the big picture" outside the trials and tribulations of adolescence. I feel like my girls have a better perspective on their own lives through volunteer opportunities: they have helped out in summer school classes for pre-k and kinder kids with special needs (which they both LOVED and talked about how cute the kids were for hours), done work at community gardens, and raised money for various organizations by making crafts for silent auctions and craft fairs to benefit different groups. I know other teens who intern at summer camps and gain leadership experience for school that way. When I was a teen, I spent a lot of time babysitting. I also had a job in the summer for most of high school, and I learned a lot about personal responsibility that way. I know some states allow 15 year olds to work, and god knows teenagers are motivated by money.

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