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jdsf's Avatar jdsf 01:53 PM 10-24-2012
My younger dd will be 12 tomorrow and wants to do some shopping this weekend, one, since its her birthday, and two, because she still hasn't gotten all her back to school clothes. Oh, we've spent 12+ hours looking, but she hates everything in her size. She has been stealing shirts from her 14 yr old D cup sister that do not fit at all and she ties knots in them or uses hair bands to make them "fit" her. Not a good look, and her sister is fed up also. She likes to dress like an older teenager, her aesthetic is very Veronica Mars for Forever 21, so no pink, nothing little girly, no glitter, no graphics, basically nothing offered in 7-16 sizes. We have been to Target, Macy's, Kohls, TJ Max, Old Navy, Justice (she hates glittery things), everything at the mall including Gap kids, I am out of ideas!! And she wears an 8 in jeans and 10-12 in tops, so she definitely cannot do juniors yet.

whatsnextmom's Avatar whatsnextmom 02:39 PM 10-24-2012

Some Forever 21's have a girls department. We've had good luck there... lots of different styles and looks available. My DD is 15 and never been into the glittery stuff either but I'll be honest, I didn't even think that was the style right now. Or maybe it's not the style in our area. Even our Old Navy doesn't have much in the way of glitter.


You might try a nice good-will too. They pretty much weed out all the glitter and logos. You can get some high quality, simple design clothing there for cheap. 

chel's Avatar chel 01:30 PM 10-25-2012
Not cheap, but Abercrombie is a kid store. My 12yr old is a size 1-3 and is too big for the store. The styles look just like the Abercrombie and Fitch store.
Rue 21 is much cheaper and has small sizes but a lot of variety in sizes. My dd can wear some s and some l.
nstewart's Avatar nstewart 01:53 PM 10-25-2012

Is there an H&M and/or Zara where you live? They both have a pretty good range of styles.  H&M is less expensive than Zara. The sizes at Zara run really small and are junior-ish so she may even be able to get some things in an XXS or XS in the ladies sections and not just shop in the kids sections.


I feel for your daughter.  12 is a tough age if you don't run to the "girly" and don't fit womens clothes yet.  I was the same at that age, and skinny like a bean pole and remember struggling to find clothes that fit and that I liked.


Good luck, I hope you find some stuff to make her feel really special smile.gif

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 04:09 PM 10-25-2012
jdsf's Avatar jdsf 10:44 AM 10-26-2012
Thanks, great suggestions! Part of the problem is that she is quite tall and skinny and all legs like many girls at this age, so pants are particularly problematic as she likes them skin tight but really can't reasonably fill them out. We don't have an H&M yet but there is one opening soon. I looked at the Forever 21 girls site and it still has way too many cutesy graphics for her but the jackets might work. Those Lands End sweaters are perfect, though. Think I'm gonna get her one right now wink1.gif
greenemami's Avatar greenemami 10:56 AM 10-30-2012

Dsd likes aeropostale-I believe they have a girls department some places, though our mall only has the juniors sizes.  FYI she may fit some of the juniors shirts in a size 00 or extra small, which is equal to a 10/12 kids.  Dsd is also very tall and skinny (though not so much as your dsd, she is 11 and wears a 12 or 14 slim in pants), but she likes the skinny jeans from Target and says they are the best fit, might be worth a try if she hasn't tried them on yet!  I was going to recommend H&M as well, or Gap/Old Navy for more classic stuff in kids sizes. 

karne's Avatar karne 07:52 AM 11-02-2012

American Eagle has a kids line called 77kids which might be worth a look.  Hollister and Abercrombie kids tend to run small and skinny, so if you can stomach those brands, you might look there.  I see basically 10 y/o's shopping in Aeropostale, so I'm guessing your dd could fit there.

KayasMama04's Avatar KayasMama04 11:46 AM 11-04-2012
My 12 yr old niece can wear some 00 and ex-smalls from American Eagle and Holister, I would try the smallest in adult and juniors sizing.
Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 05:28 PM 11-04-2012

One of my DD's is in high school and still wears children's sizes.


She likes sports stores -- especially REI. Most of her pants are miniatures of clothes made for women to hiking in. I've found that its worth the money to get something well made that she really likes. She prefers to have a few nice things rather than tons of clothes.

KittyProblems's Avatar KittyProblems 07:47 AM 12-19-2012
Have you tried Supré? I am pretty sure they have an online store, in which you could measure up and fit that way. It's all modern teenage girl stuff, and they have the essentials like singlets and that. That might be the way to go, they fit size 6-16 I'm pretty sure (these are Australian sizings). And does she like the baggy things (in the top), because I know I do, and many of the teenage girls around me too, prefer to go for a baggy t shirt, not too baggy that its massive, but enough. I hope this helps.
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