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Dawne -Kornhaas's Avatar Dawne -Kornhaas 05:41 AM 03-08-2013

My son has ADD inattentive, Executive Dysfunction and Dysgraphia. He is in Special ed and we are trying natural remedies and solutions but was wondering what other people have tried along those lines? 

mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 09:10 AM 03-13-2013

You may want to try this discussion over in the Special Needs forum. Several families have older kids with assorted diagnoses and issues.


And by the way, Welcome.gifto MDC!

MicheleRMT's Avatar MicheleRMT 04:38 PM 04-17-2013

My 12 yr old has dyslexia.

onyxfire's Avatar onyxfire 03:14 PM 04-25-2013
I don't know if you reposted this in Special Needs, but, as an OT, "natural" remedies for the latter 2 diagnoses aren't very effective. How long has he been labelled at school/is he in an inclusion or resource class/does he have support specialists at school? Without an idea of his cognitive abilities and behavior I can't offer much help, besides making sure his diet is very good and limiting anything that might be exacerbating his condition (wheat, dairy, soy) and getting him whatever support he needs. Many schools even have in home trainers who come to your house and suggest techniques that may help at home as well as at school. The best advice I can give you is to educate yourself, know his limitations, and advocate for his abilities.
Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 10:35 AM 05-18-2013

hola.gif   Hello and welcome!


I have a teenager on the autism spectrum, and I also work at a school in special ed. I agree that the special needs board is the better place for your post.


I'd include more info, as onyxfire said. I'd also include his age.

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