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meemee's Avatar meemee 10:19 AM 08-09-2013

this is all new territory for me.


so what happens after the first cycle? does it happen every month like clockwork? is it not regular? 


what should i expect? 


does it take a while to settle down into 'normalcy'?

whatsnextmom's Avatar whatsnextmom 11:02 AM 08-09-2013

It can take a year for a girl to fall into a regular pattern. Your DD may go months before another or she may have another in 3 weeks. Teach her to be prepared. If she's lucky, she'll normalize pretty quick.

One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 08:07 PM 08-09-2013
My dd's doctor said it can take up to three years to regulate. As long as she doesn't have heavy bleeding for longer than ten consecutive days there is no cause for concern.
meemee's Avatar meemee 09:38 PM 08-09-2013

thank you all very much. dd is the worrying kind. i even got her a purse for that reason. she always carries that with her. 

One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 10:57 PM 08-09-2013
This is off topic a little, but it might be a good idea to teach her how to make a makeshift pad using tp just in case she is ever in a situation where there are no pads. My DD ran out of pads on her way home from camp and was totally unprepared for handling that. Your preparation comment reminded me of this.
meemee's Avatar meemee 11:42 AM 08-10-2013

oh boy One-Girl - that's a good point for someone who freaks out easily. 


will have to go over McGyver philosophy with her. 

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