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calgal007's Avatar calgal007 12:34 AM 08-20-2002
My 9 yo spent 10 days this summer watching commercial television. I have noticed a change in his ability to focus on reality, his attention to what is going on around him, and frenetic demands for toys. Of course, I've pulled tv from his daily activities, but are there any ways to "unprogram" him?

Marg of Arabia's Avatar Marg of Arabia 11:58 PM 08-22-2002
I have been having similar trouble with my 10 year old boy. I have been forcing him to sit down and read. That didn't go over so well. Then I found a book about how to draw super heroes. He is really into it. He spends hours drawing them and then coloring them in. We frame them when he is done. It is a great alternative on those rainy days when he can't do something outside. I know he will get tired of it soon but I am hoping it will last a while. He just needed a creative outlet.

It is tough..

Good luck, marg