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serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 01:07 PM 09-07-2002
I have several teen aged girls in the family to buy gifts for this hoilday season. I try to think back to what I would have wanted at 16......but I dont think what I wanted is what they want (I was moving out so I wanted things like towels and linens!). The girls are 17, 18 and 15. I need 2 birthday gifts and 3 hoilday gifts. Any ideas? I dont really want to give cash...altho I know they would like it.....maybe a gift certificate? A hair cut? Do they sell pre paid gas cards? I need help from someone who has a finger on what these kids might want! Geeze I feel old....... TIA!

calgal007's Avatar calgal007 01:17 PM 09-07-2002
How about manicure/pedicure? They don't have to use polish if they don't like the chemicals. That should cost about $10-25 depending on the salon and manicure vs. pedicure. Or, how about a bottle of a nice liquid body soap and a loofah? With the soap, you can spend as much or as little as you want. If they are readers, a gift certificate to a bookstore. Are they sports-minded? Maybe a nice gym bag with a fancy water bottle. If you think about what the girls are about, you'll come up with something. They are at a great age!
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 01:22 PM 09-07-2002
Make up and jewelry are always popular as are gift certificates to music stores.
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 05:12 PM 09-07-2002
thanks guys! Last year we got them all gift certificates to buy CDs.....I got flack from my uncle in law for "letting the girls buy inappropriate music": ....but I thought it was a great idea. Heck, I would love that gift!
Hmmmm......what kind of make up and jewlery is cool now? maybe I should buy one of those "teen fashion" magazines to up my hip-ness :LOL
I really like the manicure idea too, I will have to check that out!
I would love to hear more ideas (I still have two weeks before the birthdays!)
EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 08:10 PM 09-09-2002
Many chain drugstores offer pre-paid gift cards for buying make-up, hair accessories, or anything else they sell. That way you don't run the risk of buying make-up they don't like!

I like to give and get "kit" gifts. For example, a "movie night kit" could include a coupon for a free video rental, a bag of microwave popcorn, and a fleece throw to snuggle under.
Elphaba's Avatar Elphaba 09:32 PM 09-09-2002
how about a copy of "don't give it away" by iyanla vanzant? or "colleges that change lives" or for the younger one, "deal with it," it's a book on sex, development, etc. that teenage girls really like.
or a journal. scented candles. shower gels. movie passes.
mamaduck's Avatar mamaduck 09:38 PM 09-09-2002
I think your prepaid gas card idea is terrific. I wonder if anyone does that?
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 06:40 PM 09-10-2002
you know mamaduck, I have no idea. I saw them advertized near the holidays last year, and thought it would be a good idea. since 2 of the girls drive now, they would be able to fuel the car and not ask for $$.
I think I may do a basket/bag like EnviroBecca suggested, with a gift card and a book in each one....and maybe some glitter nail polish, lip gloss and that sort of stuff. I did borrow a copy of my neighbors Teen Cosmo I think I may have an idea of what kind of makeup is "okay"....if i stick with neutral colored stuff i will be safe.
I am a bit wary of buying a journal for each of them, altho I think that is a great parents snooped in mine and OH MY it was awful!!!!!!! :
Thank you all for your help and the great ideas.
*sigh* teen girls are so hard to buy for! are boys easier? oh please tell me yes, since i will have (at least) one of each!
SueDid's Avatar SueDid 10:00 PM 09-10-2002
Our girls are 10 and 13 and they love Bath and Body Works. The lotions, the shower gels, anything from there. They also love nail polish and my 13 year old is starting to get into makeup. Our girls share a room and can often be found with all their nail polish colors out helping each other choose colors and trying to figure out fancy little designs to paint on their nails. They also love anything for their hair.

We're not really very appearance oriented around here, despite what it seems like, LOL, but they love experimenting with this stuff, in fact, it's the favorite activity when they have slumber parties, they crowd with their friends into the bathroom and do their hair and raid my makeup, then take pictures.

Our neighbors kids get Blockbuster gift cards from some of their friends when they have parties.

The kit idea is cute, too.

I like the movie night kit idea.

One could be a baking basket, with premixed dry ingredients and a recipe for what to add to it, a bag of chocolate chips and some packets of hot cocoa.

My daughters also love little kits for making hair accessories and bracelets, etc.

Last year I bought cheap Christmas stockings for my nieces and nephews and filled them with (depending on the age) Christmas candies, bath gels, computer game CD's, small toys. They just loved them and had the stocking to save for the next year. One year I made them all drawstring bags and put stuff in them, they used the bags for a long time, some of them still have those. I also made quilts one year (I was a lunatic...17 nieces and nephews and I made quilts for them all in 2 months) and they absolutely loved them.

Good Luck!
HollyBearsMom's Avatar HollyBearsMom 10:25 PM 09-10-2002
My eldest niece loves pre-paid phone cards. I gave them to her along with something more personal but inexpensive i.e.: body wash/soaps and stuff from the bodyshop in a college care package for her B-day and she was psyched. My nephews on the other hand loved getting either pre-paid gas cards or gift cards from the local mall. The boys were (and still are) impossible to buy for! Last year I gave my oldest nephew (17) a check to cover part of his car insurance. He's all ready had 2 minor fender-benders so his premium went up. I know it's not very sentimental but I got the ultimate complement from him: "Hey, cool, really” Don’t teen-age boys just gush??

I also second the "kits". I gave my youngest nieces last year a "sleepover” kit. It included a "gift certificate" that entitled them to invite one friend to sleep over at my house with no set bed time and they could have whatever they wanted for dinner, pick out any PG rated movie they wanted and breakfast the next day.
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 01:45 AM 09-11-2002
Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 05:58 AM 09-11-2002
Gift I liked the most at that age: gift certificate to a music store so I could pick out my own cassette! Also liked stationary as I had lots of pen pals, friends who'd moved away, etc. But now in the age of e-mail, maybe that isn't a good idea?
Gift I gave last year to a pre-teen (but would work for any age I think) is a gift certificate to Chinaberry. It is a catalog of really cool books - with a few games and other stuff too. No junky books - really interesting, good reads. You can order a GC over the phone (or online probably - - and they will send it with a current catalog to the recipient.
I like the journal idea a lot too.
OceanMomma's Avatar OceanMomma 06:39 AM 09-11-2002
I've got a teenager. The sort of things I buy her are things she cannot generally afford like expensive perfume, clothes & jewellery. These things are very dependant on the individuals personal taste. Like I've been given some shockingly horrible jewellery by people like my m-i-l which was obviously an attempt to get something she thought I liked. My basic rule of thumb with anything is to buy the genuine article ie if you can't afford gold, don't get something gold plated, get something funky made of wood or whatever.

If I get cheaper gifts for my daughter, I try to buy her something of good quality that is ethical so I can kinda show them the way

Quite a few examples of things I have brought her are :

I got an awesome duvet cover & matching pillow slips from the fair trade shop in town the other day. It's dark navy blue with these cool batik spirals all over it. A couple of organic cotton towels & some enviromentally friendly washing powder. A few bars of organic fair traded choccie. I agree you can't go wrong with music vouchers. Decent hair care products ( eg Paul Mitchell ) can also be a good plan. Body piercing jewellery can be good if they have piercings. The hippy look is very trendy at the moment so a nice crocheted hemp bag or a bag made from the top of a pair of levis or something like that could be another idea. An essential oil burner, a few candles for it & some nice oils. dd loves journals so I try to get her ones that are different. I got her one made of recycled paper with the cover made of dried leaves but with moon & stars pattern the other day. Cruelty free black eyeliner & mascara. Funky cushions to go on their bed. Bath bombs which you could make yourself. A decent recipe book. A coffee plunger & manual cappachino milk frother & some fair traded coffee. Some herb tea. A basket of fruit. Some fair traded organic hot chocolate. Cruelty free lip gloss. I got her a big ball of labradorite one year she really loved. Lava lamp.

As for clothes. You should be able to tell by what they wear. A pair of levis is always a good idea. Plus if they already wear them, just read the label at the back for the size & style# If not, make sure they're low waisted or even hipsters. A nice type of hippy top. Some surf brands you can't go wrong with either. Mambo, Billabong, Aztec Rose for example do some really cool women's clothes. They're more expensive than your standard teenage shops but are far better quality & look far better on.

Final safety net, always get an exchange voucher just in case.
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 03:44 AM 09-17-2002
I just wanted to thank you all again for all your help!
I have chosen to go with the "basket of goodies" and will be taking one of the girls in question (the one whos is first) to help me choose the items. I think we will be going to the local KMart and getting trendy makeup and hair things.....stuff that can really add up and teen girls covet. I suggested white sparkely nail polish to her and at first she was like......ewwww. But then i explained to her she could mix the colors she has with the sparkley white and have a whole new "color wardrobe" she was thrilled We will top it all off with a pair of stud silver earrings each, since they all like silver and have more than one hole in each ear. All this stuff will be put in a little "hippie" bag from the discount store.
Thank you all so much again
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 01:52 AM 09-26-2002
Update on the teen gifts ~
They were a hit for the 2 birthday girls
Thanks so much for your input they both got nail care products (files, buffers, polish, ect), mascara, shiney lip gloss, lotion with a bit of sparkle to it, stud earrings, those little hair thingies, sliver thumb rings, eye liner and a pot of basic eye shadow. to make christmas bags for the 3 of them..........: lol