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emmaline's Avatar emmaline 08:51 PM 10-25-2002
my 11 yo is sleeping over a t a friends house and I went into his room for a tidy-up while he's away (NOT snooping!) - I usually change his sheets and vacuum if he's away

anyway - his rubbish bin was full so I emptied it and found at least two weeks worth of rotting packed lunches

while I know it's common for kids to avoid their lovingly-packed lunches, what bothers me is this - he was eating breakfast every morning till the last week (says he isn't hungry) so if lunch is uneaten he has nothing till after school at 4 pm

there is no cafeteria or other means of getting food at school (unless his mates are sharing)

he is very careful about what he eats because of multiple allergies and makes specific requests about what gets packed for lunch so as to avoid bad smells, they make him gag

any thoughts?? aren't boys at this age notorious for eating vast amounts preparatory to the big growth spurt? he doesn't seem unwell or overly anxious (this has been a problem in the past but never affected eating)


of course we will be having a chat about it when he gets home...

peggy's Avatar peggy 04:29 PM 10-26-2002 first thought was he should plan his own lunches so you're sure he's getting stuff he'll eat..then I read the rest of your post and saw he already does that.
Did you talk to him yet? What does he say about this?
I agree that an 11 yr old boy (or anyone for that matter) should not be having their first food of the day at 4:00 pm.

How does he feel about "smoothies", you can sneak an awful lot of nutrition into one of those!

emmaline's Avatar emmaline 07:55 PM 10-26-2002
thanks for yr response peggy

we went for a walk and a talk - he says he's just not hungry!

I managed to find a few things he thought he might eat for lunch..

and I will definitely suggest a smoothie for breakfast

also a bottle of floradix probably wouldn't go astray
emmaline's Avatar emmaline 01:07 AM 10-27-2002
and this morning he asked if he could cook noodles for breakfast with miso soup??? he ate two huge bowls...

is this just to keep me on my toes???
peggy's Avatar peggy 10:37 AM 10-27-2002
oh yeah! Sounds like he's not going to starve to death and that he's going to eat his way....

susan61's Avatar susan61 10:45 AM 10-27-2002
Well, emmaline, that's an amazing boy you have :LOL
Just like mine! ds does the same thing although we are fortunate to not have the allergy issues. Is it just not cool to eat lunch or something? He'll take and eat cookies and other cr*p, and he used to eat well, really, he did. Now it's only white bread (so I buy enriched with soya flour) and he'll rarely eat veggies without a nag. My best friend's brother used to be the same way, though and he is now healthy and eats healthy. There is hope for these guys. I'm just keeping at it, asking him what he's eaten, then talking about proper nutrition. He says he doesn't want to tell me what he's eaten b/c I'll get mad. (?) I have to promise not to and discuss the issue w/o judgment. He definitely keeps me on my toes!
emmaline's Avatar emmaline 05:09 PM 10-27-2002
the total uncoolness of lunch, very sad

the thing is, too, this is often how my dh operates!!! how do they do it? I'd be falling over from low blood sugar

ds is getting more adventurous with food, adding a few more veggies to his repertoire, I know there's hope!

I should remember that at age 15 or so I turned my parents idea of nutrition on it's head by becoming a vegetarian....