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UUMom's Avatar UUMom 11:57 AM 11-03-2005
Originally Posted by Joan
We haven't had any "typical" teen problems and I don't expect them. People keep telling me, "JUST WAIT, he's only 14..." but, you know, I just can't see it coming to that.
Well, my oldest will be 17 in a few weeks, and I also don't see it coming to that. I guess only time will tell. But I enjoy my teens. I think they are really interesting and thoughtful and i like being around them. (It's not that we don't have intense discussions sometimes, but that's part of raising thinking folks).

rryman's Avatar rryman 12:10 AM 11-13-2005
Hi, my dd just turned 15 and is going on 30. She thinks she knows it all! She argues with me about everything and so does ds, age 11. But what can you do? Just them.
UUMom's Avatar UUMom 01:03 PM 11-13-2005
My 16 yr old and I have been having too many discussions about him *always* wanting my car. I knew this was going to happen. He was always so *good* at sharing...except he always wants *my* car. Like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, I just wanna also keep saying "Mine mine mine mine mine mine".
luna-mia's Avatar luna-mia 01:20 AM 11-15-2005
My ds just turned 13 and the "peer pressure" stuff is driving me crazy already. My dsd is 11 as well so she's all geared up and ready to go as well!
ErikaDP's Avatar ErikaDP 03:18 PM 03-21-2006
Hello Everyone,

How is everybody? Hopefully all is well with your families!
I am reviving this thread because I really enjoyed the conversations here last fall.
We are getting ready for our first family trip of the year-going to visit our hometown, Seattle.
It has been a couple of years since we have visited as a family(my son and I went a couple of times w/o my DH) and we are really looking forward to the trip!
But as much as I love going home, I am always a bit apprehensive about going there because my 13yr old DS has such high expectations of his visits to Seattle and it is nearly impossible to live up to them.
Hopefully, at least the weather will cooperate!:
Are any of you making family vacation plans now? Where are you headed? How does your family decide where to go?
Well, that all from me for now. I look forward to reading more posts here soon.

Take Care,

Hannah-Rest in Peace Sweet Girl
ani'smama's Avatar ani'smama 03:59 PM 03-21-2006
Hello! I recently began visiting this forum - I have a nearly 10 year old dd and she changing very quickly right now! Our family just returned from a trip to Colorado snow skiing two weeks ago. We skied Keystone and Breckenridge - had a blast. Our vacations are fairly predictable, in the winter we go skiing and in the summer we take an inexpensive trip that involves driving somewhere(Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan) and camping most of the time.

Have a wonderful trip to Seattle!
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 10:38 AM 03-22-2006
I hadn't posted to this thread DD will be 13 in June and my older DS is 10 (11 in October). I'm enjoying them, for the most part. I love that they can think for themselves, form opinions and long as they are arguing about politics (yes, they do! ) and not with each other or me--we have that too!
mama23boys's Avatar mama23boys 05:15 AM 04-08-2006
ya a tribe for my older ds who just turned 11!! ) he is looking foward to 6th grade next year but i am worried about it bc he will go from having 1 teacher to at least 3/4. i feel that emotionally he isnt ready for it but he cant be held back for that. ohh yes he also has ADD!

nice to meet everyone!!
MillingNome's Avatar MillingNome 06:34 PM 04-10-2006
I don't get this thread. Why is there a separate thread in Preteens and Teens forum called Mothers of Young Teens/Preteens? Isn't that the purpose of the forum? Or maybe I'm being cranky because I don't like going through long threads. I'd hate to miss any pearls of wisdom
ErikaDP's Avatar ErikaDP 12:57 AM 04-11-2006
Hi Kathy,

I originally started this thread in FYT forum and the moderator moved it here.
At the time, I didn't know that there was a preteen/teen forum here at MDC and I was looking for support.
Now that you are here, why don't you tell us about your family?

Take Care,
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