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Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 07:14 PM 03-22-2006
There is a group of girls, 8 - 11 yrs old, around our block. DD, age 10, gets along well with most of them. But there is one girl (she's the 11 yr old) who is just plain mean.

See the link below for more. I'm cross posting here because this may be closer to a "teen" situation than Childhood Years forum, where "toddler stealing food off my plate" type posts show up.

But it's still very much a Childhood issue - the girls in the group on our block, are, for the most part, still children and not pre-teens.

Well, except that the 11 yr old is already doing some very mean-teen-type of stuff - malicious gossip and name calling.

Please check out my thread in Childhood Years for more information: