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TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 09:06 PM 03-26-2006

***I know DD is younger than this forum, but I was hoping you could suggest your children enjoyed when they were younger***

DD is very interested in the history of words, how they come about, etc... She would like to read a book about that.

She is 7, relaxes to books probably about a 3rd-4th (?) grade level (recent reads: Fudge Books, Judy Moody, etc...) and can easily read more complex books. Because I want her to enjoy the book, though, I would esp. appreciate any suggestions on the lower end.


PancakeGoddess's Avatar PancakeGoddess 09:52 PM 03-27-2006
My son and I are enjoying the Word Origins page-a-day calendar. They have it cheap at amazon. My son likes this kind of stuff too. She'd probably enjoy learning some simple/fun latin and greek - Rummy Roots is a card game for this, and English From the Roots Up is a nice book too.

Here's one kids' book

But I've never read it.

Unfortunately this is a difficult topic to find in a children's book. It's probably a good thing for you to do as a read-aloud with her, so you can pick and choose the parts in adult books that suit you and her. There are GOBS of interesting books for adults on word origins.
Dar's Avatar Dar 01:04 AM 03-28-2006

I get their newsletter in my inbox every couple of weeks, give or take... it's fun. Last week I learned the origin of bootylicious (and Beyonce didn't coin the term). The website is fun, too.

TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 01:47 PM 03-28-2006
Thank you both!