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mama_daba's Avatar mama_daba 04:06 PM 05-04-2006
Originally Posted by Mamajamz
DH is taking an online driving course (due to speeding ticket. ) He just learned that boosters are recommended for children 4 ft. 10 inches and under. Beyond that they don't need one, and maybe even should not use one since the belt may not fit properly. The danger in little ones under the height requirement without the booster is that they could slip under the belt in an accident. To follow logic, I could see how if a child is taller than the height for a booster, then he could be "top heavy" as the belt would hit him lower than it should.
i am just a hair taller than 4'10 and to be honest reading this thread i keep wishing they would make a booster seat for adults cuz i bet it would make car seats a lot more comfortable for me, i weight enough to be safe but that doesn't mean the seat belts fit me

and to the original poster when i have kids they will be in car seats and booster seats until they are tall enough and weight enough to not need one, or if they end up shorter than me then at some point they won't need to be in a seat but they would be older than 12

blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 08:16 PM 05-04-2006
i have a 98 sunfire. no side airbags.

we have a LB turbobooster. iirc, the height goes by the ears and the headrest. i could be wrong, and then would feel really

my 4yo has a 5pt seat in the back. right now they are both outboard, but if/when ds1 comes up front, ds2 will go to the center spot.

would pics (faceless, of course) help? i'll see what i can do if so.

thanks to those offering support. i dont mind hearing ppl who differ from myself, actually i am grateful. i must have been hormonal, cuz i felt some were...anyway, i'll be back to see what else is posted.
Tofu the Geek's Avatar Tofu the Geek 08:38 PM 05-04-2006
Originally Posted by blessedwithboys
we have a LB turbobooster. iirc, the height goes by the ears and the headrest. i could be wrong, and then would feel really
We just bought a backless Graco turbo booster for DD as she had grown out of one of her high back boosters. Her backless Graco booster manual says that it is good up to 57". We don't use the seat belt adjustor that came with it as in the centre seat, the seat belt fits her properly in the booster and the adjustor doesn't do a thing. We keep it attached though in case the booster has to be used in another vehicle.

Page 17 of this manual is what it says in my manual as well (my manual may be the same, I just don't have it handy to compare)

Is this the seat you have as well?
m9m9m9's Avatar m9m9m9 10:51 PM 05-04-2006
Originally Posted by Joannarachel
m9...booster seats are desinged with height and weight in mind, not age. If the 12 year old in question is within the height and weight range, then the seat is desinged for him.

The study that you reference is extremely flawed, because, as I mentioned, it does NOT take into account the fact that 90% of child restraints are installed incorrectly. There is more than enough factual information out there that PROVES that a carseat/booster seat is by FAR safer than a regular seatbelt in a child too small for it.
They do take into account improperly installed safety seats.

They also proved thru their own testing that a 3 yr child would sustain more injury with a seat belt but that an oder child - 6 yr child - might not.

Disregarding their anaysis for a moment I find it disquieting that the Institute for Highway Safety had reservations advocating boosters for children 7 to 12 years old.

Dar's Avatar Dar 01:14 AM 05-05-2006
Originally Posted by Mamajamz
boosters are recommended for children 4 ft. 10 inches and under. Beyond that they don't need one, and maybe even should not use one since the belt may not fit properly.
My daughter was about 8 when she reached that size. I took her out of the booster at that point, too. We had no passenger side airbag then, so she was already in the front.

I think the benefits of having her next to me where we could talk more easily more than outweighed any possible additional risk to having her in the front.

paquerette's Avatar paquerette 05:56 PM 05-05-2006
Originally Posted by dallaschildren
The line is drawn for most at puberty. At puberty the bones are fully formed and the illiac spines are formed. The body is mature and is physically capable of taking on crash forces. Crash forces are experienced much differently in a child versus an adult. As a child grows and changes, so does their restraint needs in a vehicle.
I'm genuinely curious. What about pg and pp mamas with all that relaxin in their systems? And what about elderly or even middle aged folks with osteoporosis? And other diseases affecting the skeletomuscular systems? Arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. There are probably more adults with some sort of problem than without. Aren't these folks just as vulnerable?

Also, I always had the impression that kids' bones being not fully formed made them less vulnerable to injury, not more. That they're kinda squishy and bouncy. And that when they do break, they heal more easily and better. How is this different for things like falling out of trees vs car accidents?

Got any links or books on the subject you can recommend?
talk de jour's Avatar talk de jour 04:37 PM 05-06-2006
Originally Posted by alegna
Unfortunatly car seats and belts are designed for fully grown men for the most part.

You're not kidding... I'm barely 5 feet tall, and while driving have to sit with my seat all the way forward so I can reach the pedals. It hurts my back, but I don't think I could see adequately with the back reclined... and I don't want to test that.
maya44's Avatar maya44 05:09 PM 05-06-2006
My dd's were in boosters til they were 10 and 11 (respectively) and hit 4 foot 9 inches.

They were not teased becasue my mainstream, wealthy community is also made up of ALOT of neurotic moms and they were by far not the only ones whose cars contained the low back boosters.

In fact this emphasis on safety is one thing I really like about this community. No guns in homes, lots of careful careful moms.
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