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5thAttempt's Avatar 5thAttempt 01:48 PM 07-13-2006
I need help: I need to have a good idea what to put in a goody bag for the 9-year old bday part (boys mostly, but few girls will attend). I am trying to stay in the budjet of $2-4 per bag (I have 30 kids). I want to avoid junk that gets thrown right away right away and candy. I probably want a single thing but the one the kids could play after the party. The recent parties we attended had pretty good-sizes goody-bags that probably cost a lot, I do not want to do this since we are having a party at the bowling place and it will cost us $$$$ anyway. If you have some ideas and where I can get them - please let me know. Thanks!

momfirst's Avatar momfirst 03:54 PM 07-13-2006
If you're having a bowling party, what about giving each child a certificate for a free game of bowling to be used at a later date?

To be honest, I really never understood the whole 'goody bag' thing. Sometimes parents can end up spending more on the goody bags than some guests spend on gifts! (not that that is the point). You are taking the kids bowling, feeding them(?) and offering them a fun time...I feel that is enough!

You could check out for some small, inexpecive gifts.
LaughingHyena's Avatar LaughingHyena 07:02 PM 07-13-2006
pack of cards?

I'm sure there must be websites with rules to card games that you could print off.
BelovedK's Avatar BelovedK 08:42 PM 07-13-2006
Originally Posted by LaughingHyena
pack of cards?

I'm sure there must be websites with rules to card games that you could print off.
Good idea,

I think it would be acceptable not to have goody bags at that age, esp with a big, expensive party. DS usually comeshome from parties such as these with only the memory of the fun time.

Once, a family somehow sent home pictures of the people at the party as a group...I have NO idea how she did it though (?)
Starr's Avatar Starr 02:45 PM 07-14-2006
Can you buy a bowling pin and have all the guests sign it for your child to keep? I agree with taking a group photo on a digital camera and running someone to print some off. I know there are a few places you can get a 4X6 for $0.28 so that wouldn't be so bad. What about just having a few game prizes like highest score, lowest score, or if someone gets a strike they could win a small gift. I wouldn't stress too much sounds like enough fun already.