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I was around the same height when I was about 11 and I weight 85 pounds. I wasn't developed at ALL though.

But yeah, I agree with the PP.... she's too young to diet, but of course theirs nothing wrong with eating healthy!

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Originally Posted by Ammaarah View Post
I would be concerned because goal-oriented girls and women seem a lot more prone to eating disorders than more laidback folks. Her weight seems perfectly healthy. It's good if she doesn't want a lot of junk but a little diet can turn into a big problem sometimes. Just keep an eye on her, Mama. ((HUGS))

I have to agree. Your lovely DD sounds like a good candidate for an eating disorder, so I would keep a real eye on it and educate yourself on the topic. Also let her know that her weight is perfect the way it is. Find out more about her motovation if you can. The more you can get her to talk about it with you the better. There might be other reasons behind this.

Eating healthy is fine, but be careful what her idea of healthy is. Carrots, celery and water only is not a healthy diet for a growing girl. If she wants to pass on junk food, fried foods and desserts that is fine. However a growing and active girl like her can eat the occasional fun food (Ice cream, candy, snacks) with no problem so she doesn't need to limit herself. Reducing her calories can result in her energy level going down too.

I was always small as a child and young adult. I remember I was 49 pounds in 5th grade and people were amazed by that. I don't remember how much I weighed in school, but I was 93 pounds at age 22 when I got married (in 1993, easy to remember that.)

Now as an adult (and 2 children later) I am 120 and was happy to see that still is ok BMI for my 5 foot frame. I had to work to get down to that though.
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Dy dd is 12 1/2 and 5 ' 1" and weighs maybe 115.

Sahm mom to three lovely girls, and happily married to a great, sweet guy
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Originally Posted by mandib50 View Post
i think she is just fine and would be worried that she wants to lose weight

why is she wanting to lose weight?
^--- bingo.

Smells like the beginning of an eating disorder.

Also, Synthea - throttle away - snide comments are the worst. I would call him out on it and insist he cease and desist immediately, unless he can show that your daughter is at a weight that is risky to her health anf future development. (which she isn't.)
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my DD is 5'0" and 110 at 12 1/2 years old
She is getting that curvy women figure and I think she is perfect size.
She is very athletic and not fat at all. She is not skinny and I would never encourage her to be.
She wears a 14 girls jeans or 5 womens, and a 12-14 top.

I think your DD sounds like she is the perfect size. I would NOT encourage any dieting at this age. Fit and healty is different then dieting

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I will not allow her to loose any weight, simply becuase she's to young for dieting, I honestly wouldn't let her even though she wants to accomplish that goal, don't want to be rude, but lossing weight at 13 is absurd She's way to young to start thinking of that
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I'm 5'4" now. When I was 14, I had reached my full height and weighed 99 pounds. Not unhealthy, just slender. I've now made my way up to 130 and still don't consider myself in need of a diet.

Let DD know that eating healthy is great, but that she shouldn't try to lose weight. Diets are popular at that age. Many young girls say they're dieting, whether or not they're actually concentrating on weight loss. She might must be trying to fit in with her peers.
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DD is 13, 5'1" and weighed about 96 pounds before cross country season started up. She's easily lost 5 pounds since then (with running, naturally), so I'd put her around 90 pounds. She's thin, but not overly so. She's a couple of inches shorter though too, so 105 sounds about right for that.
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Originally Posted by lab View Post
Huh? Am I reading this wrong? Not trying to be snarky, but this just doesn't make sense to me.
What, exactly, don't you understand?

I don't believe that there are "magic numbers," and I don't believe that a weight of 110 is necessarily "more healthy" than a weight of 200. Some people are made to weigh 200, some would be terribly unhealthy at 200 -- and I think that only people who are unhealthy because of their weight "need" to lose weight. If your BMI is 30, but you have absolutely nothing wrong with you and are in amazing shape, why lose weight just to hit the "magic number" of 24.9? It doesn't make sense.


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My 12yo daughter is very small. She is 68 pounds. x is always complaining that she needs to eat more, that she is undersized. This too began to really weigh on her. You can effect a child in either direction, too small or too big. Just to stop him we went to the doctor. The scales for what a 12yo should weigh are not fair. We are all individuals and carry different weights and sizes. The most important thing for her is her BMI. Take her to the doctor. It is important for a young girl to hear this from her doctor. Find out what the BMI is. My daughter has a BMI of 16%, so she is small but ok.

Anyways, if a child wants to diet, it needs to be addressed through the family doctor. He/she needs to be a part of this decision, and needs to speak directly to your daughter about how to go about this. I would make an appointment immeadiately.
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Do you have a daughter that suffers from an eating disorder.  Do you know what is going on in that poor little girls mind.  What she is struggling with.  Its the number one mortality for children and adults so simply saying buck it up.  Is worse that starving her self.    She needs help she needs the support of her family.  She doesnt need a mother who would say such things.  You watch one of your children suffer and you want to help them.  What if she had cancer would you say the same thing.   Go and live behind your glass house and judge away.  Pretty sad.  I feel sorry for you.   Never judge anyone,  Like I said if she had cancer would you take her tv away.    Mother Theresa says making fun of someone who is hurting trauma is worse than starving a child.   Enough said.

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I am not sure to whom you are referring, but this thread is over 7 years old.  Her daughter is actually an adult now.  I am going to lock it to prevent further discussion here.  If you would like to discuss eating disorders in teen girls, you are free to start a new thread. :)

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