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thejmeister's Avatar thejmeister 04:32 PM 05-15-2003
OK, so, one of my nephews-in-law is turning 11. He is a really cool kid, totally into trying anything new. I really want to get him something great, since DH is his godfather. Thinking of spending between $75 and 150 (b/c I want him to have something cool that is not battery-operated, commercialistic, or a football ). Any cool, hip, fresh ideas?

Alexander's Avatar Alexander 04:28 PM 05-17-2003
You can never go wrong with Lego.

Some serious advanced Technical Lego Off Roader or Star Wars Robot.

The engineering parts in these are just outstanding.

thejmeister's Avatar thejmeister 11:47 PM 05-17-2003
Thanks! I'll definitely go check them out.

Any other ideas floating around out there?
Dar's Avatar Dar 04:16 AM 05-18-2003
It really depends so much on what kind of kid he is. Rain really enjoys getting gift cards as presents, and doing the shopping herself. Her ideal gift would be tickets to Les Miz, but theater is her passion. A kid into sports might enjoy tickets to a special sporting event, or getting to go to a soccer camp, or a season pass to a local pool.

3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 10:22 AM 05-18-2003
My 12 year old has asked for (and gotten) a season pass to the skate park for the last 2 years. Aggressive inline skating is his passion. Find out what this kid is passionate about...he'll love you for it!
Alexander's Avatar Alexander 10:28 AM 05-18-2003
Cool stationary. Like black paper and milk-colored pens or pens with ink that glitters.

thejmeister's Avatar thejmeister 12:55 PM 05-18-2003
Thanks, everbody!

I really like the idea of tickets or a season pass. I know that he is an in-line skater, but I think that he uses the free skate park dowtown. I'll talk to him to find out a little more.

Alexander- the stationery idea is so neat! I think I'll use that for his 13-year old sister for Christmas!