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dukeswalker's Avatar dukeswalker 05:11 AM 06-05-2003
My ds is 10 and will be going into the 5th grade..Recently he has begun talking about other kids teasing him...He is a very sensitive kid, NON violent, well behaved, gifted...He is looking for some way to deal with these other kids aggressions, both verbal and physical (and this kids buddies). He doesn't want to get physical or use foul language. He has mentioned that his other friends are always telling him to stick up for himself. I just don't know what to tell my poor kid! I am soo incredibly proud of him for standing by what he firmly believes in AND that he is a gentle, thoughtful human being. BUT I am really worried that this could become a pattern for him. He needs some sort of plan or strategy...
Any suggestions???

sylviamama's Avatar sylviamama 05:58 PM 06-10-2003
I just finished a pretty decent book called "Sticks and Stones". Got it at the library, don't remember the author's name. I didn't agree with all the advice, but some of it was good, and even better, it was practical. There were examples of what your child could say in response to such and such teasing, bullying, etc. There were scripts and role plays to read out loud together. Maybe that will help you! It's helped me respond to my 9 yo dsd when she talks about stuff kids say to her at school.
journeymom's Avatar journeymom 06:03 PM 06-11-2003
Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal With Teasing, Conflict, and Other Hard Times - by Scott Cooper

I just went out to and read about it. It sounds like an excellent book. Sounds like I could have used this when I was a kid. And my own ds, almost 4 y.o., will probably need some of these skills. He tends to over react and act angrily when he doesn't quite understand what's happened, or if he thinks someone is being mean to him, even if they aren't.