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shinybutton's Avatar shinybutton 01:52 PM 06-06-2003
Another good reason to homeschool! I ran across this today. The military can recruit your 15yr. old at school!!!

CerridwenLorelei's Avatar CerridwenLorelei 09:00 PM 06-07-2003
and hi fellow Texan
midnight mom's Avatar midnight mom 10:20 PM 06-07-2003
Oh my gosh

Hi Texas moms!!!
sohj's Avatar sohj 07:40 PM 06-09-2003
Yeah, I heard about it and was NOT happy. Whole lot of my family are in the Marines and I am not opposed to the military, but I am totally opposed to my kid being hounded and marketed to while he should be studying and just getting through teenage angst. My uncle the war hero (a marine in WWII) is also outraged.
calgal007's Avatar calgal007 01:53 PM 06-20-2003
How brown-shirtish can we get?????
sohj's Avatar sohj 06:09 PM 06-20-2003
Originally posted by calgal007
How brown-shirtish can we get?????
But, the way things are going now, I think the powers that be would further co-opt our national imagery and make them re-white-and-blue-shirts.
calgal007's Avatar calgal007 08:02 PM 06-20-2003
Please, don't anyone flame on me for what I am about to point out. Just read and respond.
When I was in college I took a "Modern European History" class. The professor was German and had not only lived through WWII in Germany, he managed to collect a lot of German propaganda material. It showed the Swastika on all different consumer products. I found it really distressing, because it was so prevalent and clearly, the German people really bought into the government at that time. Lately, I have noticed how many American flags are on consumer products, bumper stickers, store signs. One day I had the thought that if I were from another culture, I would perhaps feel the same level of distress that as a college student, I had felt upon seeing all those Swastikas. It made me realize that as an American, I do NOT believe in the things our current government is pursuing. However, I see all around me, that Americans who do are flying their colors so to speak. No doubt to people from other cultures, we are all the same, just as I thought all Germans were the same. Dangerous stuff!
kama'aina mama's Avatar kama'aina mama 08:22 PM 06-20-2003
There was a loy of discussion about this in Activism back then. The threads are probably still around if someone wants to read them. It is distressing... and actually the caption under the photo at CNN is wrong... this law allows greater access to military recruiters than to Uni's, not equal. Your school would be violating the law if it gave contact info on your kid to a Uni without permission.